Victor T. Houteff was born in Raicovo, Bulgaria, on March 2, 1885. When he was 20 years old, he and his cousin acquired a rose shop from his uncle. It was so successful that they expanded by
opening a shop in a border town near Turkey. Others in the same business were jealous of their financial success and accused them of dishonest business practices. Houteff was ultimately accused openly of conspiracy against the government in the official state church, the Greek Orthodox Church, of which he was a member by the bishop himself. After he had exhausted all threatened at legal means of defense, his enemies resorted to vandalism, and his family was held
gunpoint by an angry mob. He left for America in 1907 to protect his family.

By 1918, Houteff was running a small hotel in the mid-West. He first heard the SDA message at a revival meeting and became a baptized member in May 1919. His health was not good, so he
went to California to the SDA sanitarium there in 1923 to learn how to put the SDA health message into practice in his life. He settled in the Los Angeles area and joined the local SDA Church.
While serving as Sabbath School (SS) superintendent and teacher, he began teaching his class out of the General Conference (GC)-issued SS lesson on the book of Isaiah. As he taught these lessons, the Lord began to reveal truths in the book of Isaiah regarding the prophesied Davidian kingdom of the last days.

Because SDA doctrine did not teach these concepts, Victor was eventually disfellowshipped and physically thrown out of the Los Angeles SDA Church. He went across the street to a hall owned by a woman in his class, and his class members followed him.

Houteff published The Shepherd’s Rod, Volume 1, in 1930; The Shepherd’s Rod Volume 2, in 1932. Houteff and his followers in Los Angeles established the Universal Publishing Association in 1934. In 1935, he felt led by the Lord to move church headquarters to Waco, Texas.

On May 24, 1935, Houteff, E.T. Wilson and M.L. Dieter bought the 389-acre Old Mt. Carmel property for $8 per acre. They established a Christian Covenant community with its own banking system, its own school system, its own publishing association, and its own self-sufficient farm. They grew all their own organic food and kept a dairy herd and a goat herd for milk, a flock of chickens for eggs, an orchard, an apiary, and their own water supply (via a dam they built themselves). They published and dispensed millions of pieces of literature free of charge. What could not be made or grown on the property was purchased and dispensed by their own mercantile to church members, who exchanged Mt. Carmel currency for goods.

By 1955, one hundred and twenty-five people lived on the property — staff and their families. Victor Houteff was a financial genius, and he built up the Church community on a shoestring during the Great Depression until he was administrating a working capitol of millions of dollars for the Church and its membership — 10,000 members worldwide by that time.

Victor Houteff married Florence Hermarlson on January 1, 1937. She was 17 years old; he, 51 years old. No children were born to the union.

The Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists (DSDA) separated completely from the SDA Church in 1942 due to a dispute over conscientious objector status during World War II, a final dispute of many. While Davidians believed in Ellen White’s prophetic gift and still believed basic SDA doctrine as contained in her writings, called collectively the “Spirit of Prophecy”, they also believed that Houteff had the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy, called collectively the “Shepherd’s Rod”, and was White’s God-chosen successor to lead the Church into present truth for their current generation.

After the phenomenal success of the DSDA movement, the entire church membership were shaken to their roots when Victor Houteff became sick and died of heart failure on February 5, 1955, at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco, Texas, He was buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Waco.


  • March 2, 1885 – Houteff was born in Raicovo, Bulgaria.
  • 1907 – Houteff left Bulgaria for America after being accused of conspiracy against the government by the local Greek Orthodox Church bishop.
  • May 1919 – Houteff was baptized into the SDA Church.
  • 1923 – Houteff moved to LA and became a member of the Los Angeles SDA Church. “Hear ye the rod, and he who hath appointed it. ” Micah 6:9
  • 1929-1930 – Houteff began teaching from GC-issued SS lessons from the Book of Isaiah on the Davidian kingdom prophesied therein, He published The Shepherd’s Rod, Volume 1.
  • 1932 – Houteff published The Shepherd’s Rod, Volume 2,
  • 1934 – Houteff established the Universal Publishing Association in Los Angeles for publishing and distributing his prolific writings in pamphlet form free of charge around the world
  • May 24, 1934 – Houteff and his followers purchased 389 acres for $8/acre at Waco, Texas. The Church headquarters and publishing association were moved there. A self-sustaining Christian Covenant community flourished there for twenty years.
  • January 1, 1937 – Houteff married Florence Hermanson.
  • 1942 – The Association of Davidian SDA officially severed all ties with the SDA Church over
  • conscientious objector status in World War II. Yet Houteff stated that the work of DSDA was to SDA ONLY to bring revival, reformation, and reorganization,
  • February 5, 1955 – Houteff died of heart failure near 70 years old at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco, Tx.
  • 1955-1956 – Benjamin L. Roden, a member of DSDA, wrote a series of letters to Florence Houteff and the DSDA Executive Council announcing that he was God’s new chosen leader of the Davidians. He warned them that the 1260-day prophecy was incorrect and signed the letters, THE BRANCH, based upon Jeremiah 23:5, 6.
  • November 9, 1955 – The date from which Florence Houteff began her 1260-day prophecy, based on Revelation 11. She prophesied that the Heavenly Throne would come from heaven to Mt. Carmel to take everyone to Israel to set up the Davidian Kingdom.
  • 1957 – Florence Houteff and the DSDA Executive Council sold the Mt. Carmel property bought by Houteff and purchased 941 acres northeast of Waco. New Mt. Carmel Center became the new headquarters for DSDA.
  • April 22, 1959 – The date on which Florence Houteff’s 1260-day prophesy ended. 800-1000 Davidians had assembled at the Shepherd’s Rod Tabernacle at New Mt. Carmel Center for the fulfillment of her prophecy. They suffered a harsh disappointment. Benjamin Roden arrived on the property announcing that the Heavenly Throne was not going to take everyone to Israel to set up the Kingdom, but that he had secured enough land in Israel for 150,000 people, and  everyone needed to buy a ticket on El Al Airlines and go there themselves. He also announced that the Judgment of the Living had begun in the Heavenly Sanctuary.
  • The Davidians physically threw him off the property. Only six other individuals left with him. He looked at the group inside the gate and said, “Just wait. I will be IN and YOU will be OUT.”
  • June 20, 1959 – DSDA approached the Waco SDA pastor, Elder A,V. Olson, and appealed for help with their spiritual dilemma.
  • 1959 – Elder Robert L, Odom, a GCSDA official, held a series of Q & A sessions 800 Davidians still at New Mt. Carmel Center. At the final meeting, Florence joint committee to discuss and analyze the differences between the two
  • July 7 – August 7, 1959 – The joint committee of SDAs and DSDAs concluded with the majority deciding that the Shepherd’s Rod had no unique teachings that were reliable and could be proven from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
  • The SDAs maintained that the failure of the 1260-day prophecy showed the inaccuracies of the Shepherd’s Rod message. The meeting concluded with the SDAs appealing to all DSDAs to come back to the mother church, which many did.
  • December 12, 1961 – Florence Houteff and the DSDA Executive Council declared publicly that the fundamental teachings of the Shepherd’s Rod were not sound.
  • March 11, 1962 – Florence Houteff and the Executive Council resigned from the main body of Davidians, dissolved the corporate body, and put the New Mt, Carmel Center land Up for sale. Florence Houteff turned the sale of the land over to a Catholic lawyer named Tom Street.
  • Some time after that, she disappeared to California with a man named Ekan with a portion of the money from selling some of the land; land that was bought with second tithe money. Other members of the DSDA Executive Council also pocketed portions of the money from sale of the land.





In addition to the fundamental tenets of faith held in common with SDA, the Davidian association holds:

  1. That the prophetic gift in the Seventh-day Adventist church ceased its manifestation in 1915 and was not remanifested until 1930, and that this cessation and this remanifestion are paralleled by the cessation of the prophetic gift in the Old Testament and the remanifestation of it in the New.
  2. That the present manifestation was timed to the 430-year prophecy of Ezekiel 4, and that it is the “addition” anticipated in Early Writings, p. 277.
  3. That it was manifested anew in the closing work for the church to effect the sealing of the 144,000 servants of God, and to give power and force to the Three Angel’s Messages (Rev. 14: 6-11) so that the 144,000 might be empowered to accomplish the closing work for the world, and to gather all their brethren out of all nations.
  4. That the destruction of the tares from among the first fruits of the living results in the purification of the church (Ezekiel 9).
  5. That immediately thereafter, the angels let loose the four winds, whereupon ensues the time of trouble and Michael’s standing up to deliver from it, all whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
  6. That the angels’ letting loose the four winds to blow over the four corners of the earth does not anticipate a World War but rather a world wide decree enforced throughout Babylon by the image-beast, and that then no one may buy or sell save he who worships “the image”.
  7. That subsequently, the time of Jacob’s trouble for the 144,000, the sons of Jacob, logically develops on their way home to the land of their fathers,
  8. That the foregoing epochal event shall cause the 144,000 to have their names changed as did their father, Jacob, and as a body, receive a new name that the mouth of the Lord shall name.
  9. That these events shall ultimate in the setting up of the Kingdom, wherein the 144,000, those who follow the Lamb “whithersoever He goeth”, shall stand with Him on Mt. Zion, and there “receive the forces of the Gentiles.”
  10. That with this sequence of events will ensue the Loud Cry of the angel that lightens the earth with his glory, as that other Voice cries, “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Rev. 18:4
  11. That in response to this call, many nations wi ll say: “Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” Micah 4:2
  12. That the Voice will cease to cry when all the saints shall have been gathered out of all nations. Then shall “the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord: And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it,” Amos 8:11, 12,
  13. That then will follow the dissolution of the worldwide organization of the image of the beast, the close of the investigative judgment of the living, the end of probationary time, and the pouring out of the seven last plagues upon the wicked.
  14. That under the seventh plague, the hosts arrayed for the battle of Armageddon will fight with, and will be decimated by the armies of Heaven, and that Christ shall appear in all His glory, destroy the remaining wicked, resurrect the righteous dead, and usher in the millennium.
  15. That for a little season, a hundred years, after the millennium, the wicked shall live again and then finally be destroyed by fire, whereupon all things shall be renewed, and God’s original plan shall proceed to perfect fulfillment in an uninterrupted eternity of heavenly joy.



Benjamin Lloyd Roden was born on January 5, 1902, in Bearden, Oklahoma. He was raised on a farm, graduated high school, and attended Oklahoma Teachers College. He worked as a schoolteacher and also in the oil fields of Oklahoma and Texas. Benjamin L. Roden married Lois Irene Scott on February 12, 1937, in Odessa, Texas. (They were to have six children.) In 1937, they joined the Christian Church there. In 1940, in Kilgore, Texas, both Ben and Lois were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA). They were instrumental in raising up a SDA Church in Odessa, Texas, and Benjamin served as head elder there for several years. In 1946, the Rodens accepted the Shepherd’s Rod Message, as given by Victor Houteff. For a short time, 

they resided at Mt. Carmel in 1953, where Benjamin was head gardener. All members of DSDA received -yearly membership cards signed by Houteff. Interestingly, Benjamin and Lois Roden were the only ones to be given a lifetime membership card signed by Houteff. Shortly after Houteff’s death in February, 1955, Benjamin Roden was told of the Lord to write the first of a series of letters to Florence Houteff and the DSDA Executive Council telling them that God had chosen a new leader of the movement with the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy and that the Investigative Judgment of the Living was to begin on October 20, 1955. He procrastinated until the Lord sent an angel to pick him up by his pajama collar and demand that he write the letter. When he finished, he said, “These are not my words. I can not sign this.” The Lord replied that he should sign the letter, “The BRANCH”, Jesus’ new name. Florence Houteff and her cohorts proceeded to do their unholy work despite the Lord’s admonitions through Benjamin Roden. In the meantime, Benjamin and his wife and family went to Israel to negotiate with the government for land for the setting up of the Kingdom. The Branch Davidian SDA Church received landed immigrant status, the first Christian church to receive it. They were given enough land for 150,000 people to live there. They established an organic vegetarian village, Amirim, and were given three other villages. 

When the appointed time for Florence Houteff’s prophecy arrived, April 22, 1959, Benjamin went to New Mt. Carmel to announce that the prophecy was incorrect, and that God wanted everyone to buy a plane ticket and go to Israel to set up the Kingdom. He was physically thrown off the property along with six others who believed his words. Standing outside the gate, he pointed at DSDA and said, “Wait and see. I will be in, and you will be out.” After the dissolution of DSDA was initiated by Florence Houteff in 1962, the Rodens tried to stop it through the civil court in Waco. The court ruled that the church was defunct and put the land under the receivership of Tom Street, a Catholic lawyer, to be sold off. The Rodens fought the court with all they had. Benjamin tried to buy the land and ended up moving on with his family in 1966. It finally went it to the Texas Supreme Court. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the church was in a trust with its members through their paying second tithe for support of the property. The Rodens were able to purchase the 77.6 acres that remained from the second tithe payers of DSDA. The land was put into a trust, with Benjamin Roden, Lois Roden, and George Roden (their eldest son) as trustees. During the ministry of The BRANCH Message, Benjamin Roden taught extensively regarding the Investigative Judgment of the Living in the Church under Christ The BRANCH, our High Priest, in the Heavenly Sanctuary. He instituted the keeping of the Sabbath and Feast Days and the Daily Hours of prayer and the Lord’s Supper included. He also warned of the role of the Protestant churches and the (USA) state confederacy that will be instrumental in setting up Babylon the Great and bringing the Mark of the Beast upon the world. His publishing ministry distributed millions of religious leaflets to 50 countries in several languages. Ben supported his wife Lois in her teaching The BRANCH members about the Heavenly Family and the feminine Holy Spirit in 1977. He insisted that everyone should listen to her studies to make up their own mind. More and more Lois took on a responsible leadership role in BDSDA during that year. On October 22, 1978, Benjamin Roden passed away in Waco. Strangely, he just turned cold and died, as did King David of the Old Testament. It was the antitypical Day of Atonement (based on October 22, 1844 with William Miller). He was buried on the Mount of Olives in Israel, a place reserved exclusively for the prophets of Israel. His tombstone carries his spiritual name of “Jacob”. 


  • January 5, 1902 – Benjamin Lloyd Roden was born in Bearden, Oklahoma
  • February 12, 1937 – Benjamin Roden married Lois Irene Scott and they joined the Christian Church.
  • 1940 – The Rodens were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Benjamin Roden served as an elder in the Odessa, Texas SDA Church that he was instrumental in establishing.
  • 1946 – The Rodens accepted the Shepherd’s Rod Message as taught by Victor T. Houteff.
  • 1953 – The Rodens resided at Mt. Carmel for a short time. Benjamin served as the head gardener. “… Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he  shall build the temple of the Lord.” Zechariah 6; 12
  • 1955 to 1956 – Benjamin Roden wrote a series of seven letters to Florence Houteff and the DSDA Executive Council stating that the 1260-day prophecy would fail and that God had a new leader with the Spirit of Prophecy and a new message about THE BRANCH, Jesus’ New Name (Rev. 2:17; 3:12; Zechariah 6:12, 13).
  • October 20, 1955 – The day (the 10th day of the 7th month – Day of Atonement) that Benjamin Roden said the Investigative Judgment of the Living had begun in the Heavenly Sanctuary.
  • 1958 – Benjamin and Lois Roden traveled to Israel with several families in The Branch to negotiate with the government for land for Christians to settle and work towards setting up the Kingdom.
  • 1958 – Benjamin Roden received landed immigrant status in Israel and established a vegetarian village, Amirim, in northern Israel. The Branch was the first Christian church to receive such status. He established The Branch Organic Agricultural Association there and the organization was the first to use and encourage organic farming methods in Israel.
  • April 22, 1959 – The termination date of the 1260-day prophecy given by Florence Houteff. Benjamin Roden came to USA & invited DSDA to buy plane tickets and come to Israel to help set up the Kingdom. 
  • 1960 – The Branch began keeping the Passover with the incorporation of the emblems of the Lord’s Supper, as given by Christ when He kept the Passover seder with His disciples before His Crucifixion. Eventually, The Branch established the keeping of all the feast days (Passover, Pentecost, the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, New Moons, and the weekly Sabbath) with the inclusion of the Lord’s Supper (also known as Communion Service).
  • 1962 – Florence Houteff dissolved DSDA and began selling New Mt. Carmel land. Benjamin Roden tried to legally stop the selling of the land through the civil court system. The court declared the DSDA Church defunct and put its assets in the receivership of Tom Street, a Catholic lawyer. He questioned the right of the civil court to dissolve a church through the authority of those who were not the true leadership and against the wishes of the majority of the members. He cited the 1st Amendment as his reason for questioning the court’s actions.
  • 1965 – Benjamin Roden had a vision directing him to go back to Waco to continue the work of The BRANCH on the church property. He and The BRANCH followers that remained in Waco kept the Passover at New Mt. Carmel. Benjamin Roden made a down payment on the land of $25,000 to the civil court. He tried to take possession of the land, and the caretaker refused to give him the keys. He tried to stop payment on the check but the money had already been put in an escrow account. He rented three houses on the New Mt. Carmel property through a third party and moved onto the land. For seven years he tried to convince the court that BDSDA was the natural successor to DSDA. The $25,000 was eaten up in court costs and rent.
  • 1973 – Benjamin Roden appealed the Waco civil court’s decision to the Texas Supreme Court. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that a trust existed between the DSDA Church and its members. When the members paid the second tithe, they were investing in the church property. The Waco civil court did not apply the ruling of the higher court and continued to dissolve the Church. Benjamin Roden used the second tithe interests that he and others had in the property to buy the land back from the unlawful control of Tom Street and the court. He paid cash to any Davidians that did not wish to retain their interest in the church property. The property was purchased in the name of the General Association of Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists with Benjamin Roden, Lois Roden, and George Roden as trustees. 
  • 1975 – 1976 – Benjamin Roden instituted the keeping of the Daily at the 3rd and the 9th hours, according to the times of the morning and the evening hours of prayer in the Temple service of the Bible, on the Sabbath and the feast days.
  • 1977 – Benjamin Roden began letting his wife lead out in teaching her Message regarding the Heavenly Family and the femininity of the Holy Spirit. He exhorted the Branch members to give her message careful study and prayerful consideration, but wouldn’t voice his own position as to whether her message was true or not.
  • September 1977 – Benjamin Roden had a private audience with President Jimmy Carter, Appealing to help him to help build the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • October 1978 – The Rodens and other Branch believers appealed to the SDAs at the Fall Council of SDA regarding The Branch He and The Branch She Messages, just days prior to his death.
  • October 22, 1978 – Benjamin L. Roden died in Waco on the antitypical Day of Atonement.




BDSDA hold these additional tenets with the SDA, the 1888 Message, and DSDA fundamental beliefs:

1. That the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy to the Church did not cease with the deaths of E.G. White and V.T. 

Houteff, but was continued through the ministry of Benjamin Roden and the message of The BRANCH.

2. That Jesus’ New Name is The BRANCH as High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary, where He mediates His blood in the Judgment of the Living, beginning October 20, 1955.

3. That the appearance of The BRANCH Message is timed according to the Ezekiel 4 prophecy and is included with the Shepherd’s Rod in the addition anticipated in Early Writings, p. 277.

4. That BDSDA is the natural successor to DSDA and is to continue the work of revival and reformation  within SDA and DSDA as well as to prophecy to “many nations, but not all”.

5. That BDSDA at New Mt. Carmel is “the kingdom in the wilderness” and, thus, the Feasts of the Lord from Leviticus 23 (the 7th day Sabbath, the Passover, the Wave Sheaf Offering, the Pentecost, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles) are to be commemorated by the keeping of the “Lord’s Supper” at Passover, and Communion, at the time of the Hours of Prayer, the 3rd and the 9th hours or 9 am and 3 pm.

6. That Judah in the church, DBDSDA, will again “crucify the Son of God afresh” (Hebrews 6:6) and bring Him to open shame before the whole world by rejecting The BRANCH Message. DBDSDA, the 3rd movement in BDSDA and the 3rd metal, brass, on the graven image of Daniel 2, represents the Brazen Serpent lifted up in the wilderness by Moses, upon which all had to look in order to live after they were bitten by the poisonous serpents. DBDSDA will take on the “mark of the beast” before it is manifested in the world. As the result of this apostasy in DBDSDA, the execution of the Ezekiel 9 slaughter will bring the purification of the church, the destruction of the tares from among the first fruits of the living. 

7. After the purification of the church (Ezekiel 9; 1 Peter 4:17), The BRANCH Truth will be raised to glorious exaltation and victory to the shame of its enemies. Out of the church of Laodicea D(BDSDA) will emerge a new church of which Joshua, The Jonah Messenger, is in charge, the one through whom the Lord takes the reigns into His own hands. Joshua and his helpers set up the STONE KINGDOM (Daniel 2) as a small mustard seed (Matthew 13:31) – “For who hath despised the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10) — which grows and grows until it fills the whole earth.

8. That the Ceremonial Law with its Festal Sabbaths and their sacrifices, kept in the light of the Cross, is a compact prophecy of the gospel and delineates the increments of the Harvest of the church and the world in the Last Days

9. That a Living Wave Sheaf, the First of the First Fruits of the Living, after the type of the resurrection of Christ and those raised with Him, is being handpicked from “every nation, kindred, tongue, and people” as the first increment of the Harvest of the earth. This group, or Vanguard, will be translated without seeing death and will precede and teach the 144,000 (after the type of the 120 being taught by Christ and the raised Wave Sheaf prior to the day of Pentecost).

10. That the USA (the Assyria of Bible prophecy) and the apostate Protestant Churches — not a union of European nations and Catholicism – will, through a succession of seven steps, set up Babylon the Great, which will bring the Time of Jacob’s Trouble upon the 144,000 and then the Time of Trouble Such As Never Was Since There Was A Nation upon the Second Fruits in the world.

11. That the STONE KINGDOM will be the only place in the world that does not carry the number “666”, the number of a man who forces all to take the Mark of the Beast. It will be a place of refuge for all who choose to worship God on His chosen days, the 7th day Sabbath and the Festal Sabbaths. It will be the only place where God’s People will not be trampled under foot, first by Assyria (USA), before her fall, and then by Babylon the Great. That this STONE KINGDOM will ultimately bring to an end the kingdoms of this earth as they become the kingdoms of our LORD and His anointed one. The STONE KINGDOM will become a great mountain as it covers the whole earth with the STONE KINGDOM



Lois Irene Scott was born on August 6, 1917, in Odessa, Texas. When she married Benjamin I. Roden on February 12, 1937, her mother gave the newlywed couple a copy of Bible Readings for the Home, an SDA evangelistic book that teaches regarding the 7th day Sabbath. The Rodens were very devout believers in God, and by the time their eldest son George was born, they were keeping the 7th day Sabbath as SDA believers. Lois accepted the Shepherd’s Rod teachings along with her husband in 1946 and resided at Mt. Carmel with him in 1953. After Ben, as The Branch leader, called everyone to Israel, Lois faithfully supported her husband as he took his own family, as well as three other families, to Israel. She remained in Israel as his representative there from 1958 to 1964 and was supported by the tithe as such. She served as the Branch Organic Agricultural Association director and liaison between The Branch and the Israeli government. It was her job to secure permits and equipment for use on the new organic farm. Because The Branch was the first Christian church to be given landed immigrant status in Israel, the group faced much persecution in the form of racial and religious discrimination.

Lois traveled back and forth between Israel and Texas over the years, but by mid-1977, she was permanently at her husband’s side at New Mt. Carmel and overseeing the local Branch operations. Through intense study and prayer, Lois had begun to believe in 1973 that the Godhead is a Family made up of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit Mother. Over the years, she had brought this concept up at Branch meetings, but it brought such controversy that she was about to abandon the idea out of a desire for church unity. One early morning in 1977, she was in her bedroom looking out the window. She had a vision of a silver angel, representing the Holy Spirit, standing at the head of a whole extended line of angels. Every single angel was feminine in appearance. This vision confirmed to Lois that she was correct in her beliefs regarding the femininity of the Holy Spirit. She received the impression that her ministry would last for 7 years. She also began to find many sources of corroborating evidence in archeological texts, Jewish writings, and even Christian writings and commentaries, as well as secular sources. 

Her husband allowed her to lead out in Branch studies of this new concept. He stood back and observed, simply counseling everyone to listen to her message and for them to make up their own minds. After her husband’s death in 1978, Lois became the new leader of BDSDA because she was recognized as having the Spirit of Prophecy, which meets the criteria for a spiritual leader. George Roden her eldest son suffered from Tourette’s syndrome. He declared himself the new leader and tried repeatedly to oust his mother from her position over the years in many and sundry ways, often resorting to theft and violence. She finally had to take him to court and get a restraining order against him in 1979 that restrained him from calling himself the President of BDSDA and from having any authority over church property. Because he was her son, she bore with him patiently, but he was a constant source of conflict during her ministry and caused division and confusion among The Branch members. Lois called her ministry, The Living Waters Branch Association, but she did not change the name of the church from BDSDA. In 1980, she began publishing The Shekinah, a magazine that served as a sounding board for feminist writers, whether secular or religious, on the issue of femininity in the Godhead and the place of women in the church. The magazine won an Award of Excellence from Religion in Media Angel Award and another award from the Dove Foundation in 1983. Lois traveled worldwide teaching her message of the feminine Holy Spirit, attending and speaking at many church organization functions and women’s rights organizations. In 1980, Lois instituted the keeping of the Daily at the 3rd and the 9th hours with the emblems of the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, on a daily basis, not just the Festal Sabbaths. She taught on a daily basis regarding the work and position of the Holy Spirit Mother at these times, twice daily. On one particular day, she was teaching about the Son and the Mother working together in the salvation of man, when a member named Charles Pace spoke up with a profound comment. He stated that the Son being the Second Adam has His own Spirit, His own feminine Counterpart, and the Second Eve who is joined with Him in the work of salvation for man. The Holy Spirit Mother is the Father’s Counterpart and sits with him on the Heavenly Throne. The Holy Spirit Daughter is the representative of the Mother in the earth. Lois immediately hushed him up because she had believed that she was the representative of the Holy Spirit Mother in the earth. 

Soon afterwards, Charles Pace was disfellowshipped for sharing his revelation with the Canadian Branches at Passover in the spring of 1981. He would remain separated from The Branch for three years during which time he continued studying this new revelation and developing his message.. In June of 1980, Vernon Wayne Howell came to New Mt. Carmel to study with the prophetess, Lois Roden. Over the next three years, he studied with her and began teaching his own Serpent’s Root message to her until she allowed him to lead out in studies with the group. By September of 1983, Vernon had convinced Lois that they were the prophet and prophetess who were to give birth to the “Emmanuel” prophesied in Isaiah 7 and 8, and they began a physical, or common law, relationship. Lois was 66 years old, but amazingly, she became pregnant by 24 year-old Vernon, which is confirmed by other Branches who saw the official doctor’s report. She did, however, lose the baby after only a few short weeks. Vernon Howell convinced many of the Branches living at New Mt. Carmel that Lois had lost the baby because of her lack of faith (rather than low hormone levels) and no longer had the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy. The BDSDA Executive Council chose to remove Lois from the office of President and voted in Vernon Wayne Howell as the new prophet/president of BDSDA. Lois was powerless to halt the process. Vernon then proceeded to take 14 year-old Rachel Jones as his legal wife, further humiliating Lois. Lois Roden issued an invitation to all Branches in March 1984, inviting them to come help settle the dilemma with herself, George, and Vernon at Passover time. Charles Pace arrived with his sister Joyce, as well as many other Branches from the field, in response to her invitation, Charles approached Lois, telling her about a dream he had had and asking if it was true that she and Vernon had had a physical relationship. She confirmed it and told him the whole story and repenting of her actions. Charles asked everyone who was at Mt. Carmel to come to the church for a study at the 3” hour on Passover day, April 17, 1984. He spoke of the Lucifer movement prophesied by Ellen G. White and of the apostate movement within BDSDA that would “crucify the Son of God afresh” (Hebrew 6:6) prophesied by Victor Houteff and Benjamin Roden. He pointed at Vernon Howell and told everyone present that this man was the one who was bringing this apostate movement and that it would bring the Ezekiel 9 slaughter upon BDSDA. Vernon walked up to Charles and put his arm around him, saying, “This brother is teaching truth.” 

After the confrontation between Charles Pace and Vernon Howell, Vernon and his followers left New Mt. Carmel for Waco and then eventually Palestine, Texas. Charles remained with Lois Roden, studying with her and helping her come out of her confusion regarding what had happened with Vernon. She repented of her sins, her self-exaltation and her relationship with Vernon, and accepted the understanding of the Holy Spirit Daughter, as taught by Charles. Lois told Charles that she could see that Vernon’s teachings and his were the opposite sides of a coin and that they were really working together from opposite directions. She later wrote “The Bride of Christ”, expounding on the concept of the Daughter of God, and publicly acknowledging and repenting of her sin. The day after Charles Pace and his wife Alexa were married, September 8, 1986, Lois paid them a visit in their home and kept the daily with them at which time she blessed them and their life together. Lois stayed in their home while they went on their honeymoon. 

Lois returned to New Mt. Carmel and resumed her printing work. Her struggles with her son George continued also. He made her last days very difficult. She became sick with breast cancer that spread to her lungs, and she passed away on November 11, 1986, at 69 years old. She is buried on the Mount of Olives beside her husband, Benjamin Roden. Her tombstone carries her spiritual name of “Rachel”. 


  • August 6, 1917 – Lois Irene Scott is born in Odessa, Texas
  • February 12, 1937 – Lois Irene Scott marries Benjamin Lloyd Roden, and then later joins the Christian Church with him.
  • 1940 – Lois is baptized along with her husband into the SDA Church.
  • 1946 – Lois accepts the Shepherd’s Rod teachings along with Ben.
  • 1953 – Lois lived with her family at Mt. Carmel for a short time.
  • 1958 – 1964 – Lois remained in Israel as Ben’s representative and served as the director of the Branch Organic Agricultural Association and liaison to the Israeli government. Autumn,
  • 1977 – Lois received her vision regarding a feminine Holy Spirit and taught her message to The Branch with the support of her husband. She is impressed that her ministry will last for seven years. She calls her ministry The Living Waters Branch. Autumn,
  • 1978 – Lois becomes the new prophet/president of BDSDA after the death of her husband on October 22. George Roden attempts to take over the position in succession to his father but is not accepted by the majority of Branches because he does not have an inspired message.
  • 1979 – Lois is forced to bring a permanent restraining order against George to stop him from calling himself the President of BDSDA and to stop his theft of church property for his own use. She has to impose this restraining order against him several more times in the future.
  • 1980 – Lois traveled to Israel where she met with the rabbis at the Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and had her views on the femininity of the Holy Spirit confirmed by learned scholars. She institutes the keeping of the Daily at the 3rd and 9th hours with the emblems of the Lord’s Supper on a daily basis.
  • December 6, 1980 – Lois decides that everyone needs to be baptized into the Holy Spirit Mother message. After baptizing everyone except George Roden and Charles Pace, she looks at her son and asks him if he wishes to be baptized. He declined so she looks at Charles and says “I guess it’s your turn then” and she baptizes him.
  • 1981 – Lois begins publishing The Shekinah magazine, which serves as a sounding board for feminist writers on the femininity of the Holy Spirit and the place of women in the church.
  • Charles Pace is disfellowshipped after Passover time for teaching about the Holy Spirit Daughter.
  • Vernon Wayne Howell arrives at New Mt. Carmel in June to study with the prophet.
  • Feb/March, 1983 – The Shekinah wins an Award of Excellence from Religion in Media Angel Awards and another from the Dove Foundation.
  • April 1983 – Vernon Howell burns down the Administration building on New Mt. Carmel. This building contained the printing department where the literature was stored and the mailing list kept.
  • September 1983 – Vernon has convinced Lois that he and she are the prophet and the prophetess in Isaiah 7 who are to bring forth the “Emmanuel”. They begin a physical relationship. She becomes pregnant and later loses the baby.
  • Vernon convinces the BDSDA Executive Council to vote her out as President and him in as the new President, and then later takes 14 year old Rachel Jones as his wife.
  • December 1983 – George Roden begins publishing Rough Wind, his writings against Vernon Wayne Howell and his teachings.
  • March 1983 – Lois extends an invitation to Branches in the field to come to New Mt. Carmel for Passover.
  • April 17, 1984 – Charles Pace confronts Vernon Howell in the church before everyone assembled for the Passover. He announces that Vernon is the one who will bring the apostate movement that will incur the slaughter of Ezekiel 9. Vernon verbally agrees with him before everyone.
  • Vernon and his group leave New Mt. Carmel the next day.
  • Lois allows Charles to stay and continue to teach his message about the Holy Spirit Daughter. She later wrote a series of pamphlets entitled “The Bride of Christ” in support of the message. 
  • October 14, 1984 – Lois and Charles are in the baptismal font in the church surrounded by several other Branches. George storms the church with a machine gun, trying to stop what they are doing. Lois grabs Charles’ hands, the others form a circle, and they all quickly dunk together before George can stop it. Granny Scott (Lois’ mother) throws herself at George so that Charles can get away without harm.
  • Charles feels that Lois anointed him to continue her work at this time.
  • November 11, 1986 – Lois Roden passes away from advanced breast cancer that spread to her lungs. She is buried next to her husband Ben on the Mount of Olives in Israel.
  • George Roden rushes to take over New Mt. Carmel property and renames it Rodenville. He brings ex-convicts, drunks, and addicts onto the property. The remaining Branches living there leave. 


– King of Judah – 

When Held Captive In Babylon 

“O Lord, Almighty God of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of their righteous seed; who hast made heaven and earth, with all the ornament thereof; who has bound the sea by the word of thy commandment; who hast shut up the deep, and sealed it by thy terrible and glorious name; whom all men fear, and tremble before thy power; for the majesty of thy glory cannot be borne, and thine angry threatening toward sinners is importable: but thy merciful promise is immeasurable and unsearchable; for thou art the most high Lord, of great compassion, long suffering, very merciful, and repents of the evils of men. Thou, O Lord, according to thy great goodness hast promised repentance and forgiveness to them that have sinned against thee: and of thine infinite mercies has appointed repentance unto sinners that they may be saved. Thou therefore, O Lord, that art the God of the just, has not appointed repentance to the just, as to Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, which have not sinned against thee; but thou hast appointed repentance unto me that am a sinner: for I have sinned above the number of the sands of the sea. My transgressions, O Lord, are multiplied: my transgressions are multiplied, and I am not worthy to behold and see the height of heaven for the multitude of mine iniquities. I am bowed down with my many iron bands, That I cannot lift up mine head, neither have any release: for I have provoked thy wrath, and done evil before thee: I did not thy will, neither kept I thy commandments: I have set up abominations, and have multiplied offenses. Now therefore I bow the knee of mine heart, beseeching thee of grace. I have sinned, O Lord, I have sinned, and Lord, forgive me, and destroy me not with mine iniquities. Be not angry with me forever, by reserving evil for me; neither condemns me into the lowest parts of the earth. For thou art the God of them that repent; and in me for thou wilt save me, that am unworthy, according to thy great mercy. Therefore thou wilt show all thy goodness: I will praise thee forever all the days of my life: for all the powers of the heavens do praise thee, and thine is the glory forever and ever. “Amen.




The Living Waters Branch holds these additional tenets to those of SDA, the 1888 Message, DSDA, and BDSDA:

1. The gift of the Spirit of Prophecy to the church continues to BDSDA with the ministry of Lois Roden and the message of the Living Waters Branch.

2. The Godhead in Heaven is a Trinity of Father, Mother, and Son. The Holy Spirit is the Wife of God  the Father. She came forth from Him before time began and is His Second Self and Feminine Counterpart as well as Co-Ruler with Him. She is the Mother of the Only Begotten Son of God, who is the Fullness of the Godhead bodily.

3. The story of the creation of Adam and Eve is an allegory (a story that tells another story) that shows us a picture of the Godhead and Their various manifestations. Adam and Eve were made in the Image of God, Male and Female. The True Image of God is the male and the female joined together by the divine institution of marriage so that they are one flesh.

4. Eve was taken from Adam’s side to show that she was to walk by his side as an equal, not be over his head as a dominatrix or under his feet as an inferior. It was because of the entrance of sin that the woman was placed under the man’s authority so that he might serve as her protector. In the restoration of the First Dominion, man and woman are to be equals, co-rulers, both priests of the  Order of Melchizedek, as were Adam and Eve in the beginning before their sin.

5. The Sanctuary service contains male and female sacrifices – rams and ewe lambs, he goats and she goats, bullocks and heifers, a pair of turtledoves – that point to Two Intercessors, Two Messiahs, Male and Female. The 3rd hour Daily (9am) in the morning represents the Male (the time of the creation of Adam), and the 9th hour Daily (3 pm) in the afternoon represents the Female (the time of the creation of Eve). These times are to be honored by Bible study and the keeping of the emblems of the Lord’s Supper, or Communion. 

6. Mary, the human mother of Jesus on earth, was the first surrogate mother who bore the fertilized Seed of the Woman (the Holy Spirit Mother) in her womb and gave the Son of God human flesh and a human nature so that He might serve as the Kinsman Redeemer, Who through His death, burial, and resurrection restores the First Dominion to the Daughter of Zion and She returns it to the descendants of Adam and Eve as they receive His Glory once again.

7. The ministration of the Holy Spirit makes efficacious the blood of the Son of God. The Holy Spirit is the One Who conceives and births and nurtures and matures repentant human beings imparting to them the Righteousness of Christ, making them partakers of the Divine Nature. The Holy Spirit is Melchizedek, the Priest of the Most High God.

8. The tribe of Dan was carried into captivity by Assyria of old and assimilated into all the nations of the Earth so that they lost their identity as the descendants of Abraham. This is evidenced among the Nations where the name of Dan is found, i.e. Denmark, London, Sweden, Dundee, the Danube River, etc. The “great multitude, which no man can number” is the first increment of the harvest, the Wave Sheaf, and they are of the tribe of Dan. Dan is not included among the twelve tribes that make up the 144,000, because the Danites are harvested first as the Wave Sheaf and serve as the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. They teach the 144,000 before they are sent out to evangelize the world.


Vernon Wayne Howell was born on August 17, 1959, in Houston, Texas. He was the son of 14 year old Bonnie Clark and Bobby Howell. His mother married another man briefly after his birth, but the marriage didn’t last. Reportedly, the man abused his two-year-old stepson. Vernon lived with his maternal grandparents from age two to five. When he was around five years old, Bonnie married Roy Haldeman, whom Vernon later stated was abusive towards him as well.

Vernon did not do well in school. He had dyslexia, a learning disability, and was placed in the class for students with learning disabilities. Other kids called him “Mr. Retardo”. He dropped out of school in the eleventh grade to do carpentry work. He loved working with machinery and making music, especially rock ‘n’ roll music. He even went to Hollywood for a time to try to get into the rock ‘n’ roll scene. He was also very interested in religion and had memorized large amounts of Scriptures by the time he was twelve. He claimed a conversational relationship with God since he was 16, and he joined the SDA Church when he was 20 years old. Vernon fell out with the SDA Church in Tyler, Texas, over points of Scripture with which he held out different interpretations from the mainline SDA understanding. He was also involved in an intimate relationship with a young girl who had become pregnant twice by him, choosing an abortion the first time. This relationship caused him a great deal of anguish because he felt convinced that it was wrong and yet he also felt that they were married in the eyes of God. Her father threw him out of the house after the girl became pregnant the second time. Because of these situations, he was disfellowshipped from the SDA Church. His mother had met Lois Roden and developed a friendship with her. She related this to her son, and he came to New Mt. Carmel hoping to study with the prophetess in June 1981.

Vernon and Lois spent a great deal of time studying together over the next couple of years. Eventually, he saw the discontent of the Branches with conditions at Mount Carmel and with Lois’ leadership with regards to her son George  causing her trouble and Vernon skillfully began to use the situation to his own advantage. Lois allowed him to lead out in the Daily sessions and teach his Bible interpretations. It is reported that his Bible studies during this time period were unremarkable. His approach was very casual and in a conversational manner, sometimes even with coarse language being used. He allegedly burned down the Administration building, which housed the printing facilities and the storage of literature. By September, 1983, Vernon had convinced Lois that he and she were the prophet and the prophetess of Isaiah 8 and that they were to bring forth a child together, the “Emmanuel” (even though the prophecy says that the child born is “Mahershalalhashbaz” which means “he hastens after the Spoil”). They began a physical relationship, and, amazingly, Lois did become pregnant, but she quickly lost the baby because she was about 66 years old. Vernon told everyone that Lois had lost the baby because she did not have the faith to carry it to full-term and that she no longer had the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy. The BDSDA Executive Council voted Lois Roden out as President and voted Vernon Howell in as President of the Davidian Branch Davidian SDA Church. To complete Lois’ humiliation, Vernon then took 14 year old Rachel Jones as his wife and Perry Jones her head elder and rachel’s father married them as minister and notary public . After the confrontation with Charles Pace at Passover, 1984, Vernon and his followers left the property for Waco and then later to Palestine, Texas.

Vernon went to Israel for the second time in early 1985. (He had been there in 1983 with Lois.) While there he claims to have had a vision of seven angelic beings rushing towards the earth in a flying saucer with urgent messages for mankind (like the ones seen by the Russian cosmonauts in July 1985). He said that he was taken past Orion (the entrance to heaven according to E.G. White) and shown an ancient civilization that God created before He created the world. He said that God gave him a perfect picture of the Bible. He taught his followers that they did not need the Spirit Of Prophecy anymore, only the Bible, and that he was the Lamb  of Rev. 5:6, the only one who could open the sealed Book. He also said that he was to take more wives, like David of old, and began to do so by taking 12 year old Karen Doyle as his second wife since her father and church  elder Clive Doyle was willing to give her to Koresh. Koresh then took his wife’s sister, Michelle, as he began to increase the number of women in his harem. He eventually said he had the authority to annul all marriages and took all the married women to be his wives as well and told the men that they had to become celibate. He claimed all the women in the world belonged to him and that only his seed was “holy seed”, and the children born of these unions would be the “four and twenty elders” of Revelation 5 who would judge the world.

Koresh, Prove You Are The Messiah

In spring of 1987, George Roden contested Vernon to prove that he was “the messiah” by challenging him to raise Anna Hughes from the dead, whose, casket he had dug up earlier while repairing a water line by our cemetery. The infamous shootout took place when Vernon and his followers tried to get pictures proving that George had desecrated Anna Hughes’ grave, and they were all arrested for attempted murder. After George was jailed for 180 days for contempt of court during the attempted murder trial, Vernon was acquitted by a hung jury and free to go. Koresh and his followers moved back onto New Mount Carmel and paid the back taxes, and thereby legally took possession of the property.

David held very long teaching sessions of 15 or more hours wherein he taught exclusively from the Bible. Many people visited to check his teachings out. He traveled all over the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hawaii, etc., bringing in new members of all ages and from many different nations and denominations. His surviving followers stated that it was spellbinding to hear him teach and that he opened up the Bible in a way that they had never heard it before. There were a number of older Branches from the days of Houteff and the Rodens who also agreed. He appealed to people from all walks of life because he was no respecter of persons. He visited bars and played rock ‘n’ roll music and wore sloppy clothes and was just an average, everyday person. Many people liked him immensely for these reasons.

There are a number of reports about just what precipitated the investigation of David and his followers at New Mount Carmel. These reports include the SDA Church asking the government to investigate because of the rumors about their plans for executing the Ezekiel 9 slaughter similar to jihad the Muslims are threatening upon unbelievers. To make matters worse the UPS man discovered hand grenade casings in a parcel he delivered to them which broke open while on route. It also didn’t help matters that koresh’s group had a large gun business that they used for raising money. Be that as it may, the ATF began investigating them in the summer of 1992 by sending several agents undercover to infiltrate the group and find out just what they were up to. David recognized the agents for who they were when they came in and earnestly tried to be converted to the Branch Davidian beliefs over a period of time. They candidly took up residence in a house across the street for surveillance.

On the morning of February 28, 1993, David Koresh was warned that the ATF was coming by his brother-in-law David Jones stopped by 2 reporters assigned to cover the news story asked him directions. Despite losing the element of surprise, the ATF arrived in cattle trailers with dozens of agents with assault weapons to execute a search warrant. Six Branches and four ATF officers died that day in the initial gun battle. David Koresh was shot in the finger and the side when he came through the front door and tried to reason with them on their arrival. As a result of his wounds David was very sick and almost died during the 51-day siege. The events of that siege are history and too numerous to recount here, but after his recovery and towards the end of the 51 days, David agreed to come out after he had completed his manuscript on the Seven Seals. Despite the FBI’s assurances that he would be given time to complete his manuscript, the FBI began attacking the building with tanks on the morning of April 19, 1993. By noon, the whole building was on fire and burned to the ground in about an hour. Eighty-six men, women, maidens, and little children lost their lives that day. Nine survivors came out of the building. David Koresh was not one of them. David Koresh, aka Vernon Wayne Howell, is buried in a cemetery in Tyler, Texas. The other victims were buried by family members or in the pauper cemetery in Waco, Texas.




The Biblical theme of “The Sign of Jonah” carries with it the reality and imminence of judgment and deliverance. The Jonah (Dove) Message was then, as it is now, a Revelation of The Person, The Priesthood, The Work, The Nature, and The Character of The Only Begotten Son and His Divine Helpmate. This was the full and final Revelation of the DUAL Intercession of The Messiah ad His Holy Ghost (Rom. 8:26). This is the fullness of the Revelation of The Seventh Angel that gives the needed light to explain and bring forth the “closing up of the Great Day of Atonement” for the Advent people, beginning with 1844 onward.

This type was fulfilled at the cross – the nature and reality of the Sign of Jonah – as the symbol of the Two Doves (Jonahs), one that dies and another that lives and is set free (Read Leviticus 14). This was, and is, the reality of The Revelation of The Second Eve coming forth from the side of the Second Adam as He fell into the deep sleep of eternal death [second death] on The Cross [1 Cor. 15:45-49]. Sister White tells us concerning the spear that was thrust into The Savior’s side, “From the wound thus made, there flowed two copious and distinct streams, one of blood, the other of water. ” Desire of Ages p 772.

The Word tells us in John 7:38, 39, “He that believeth on me, as The Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of The Spirit, which they that believe on Him should receive: for The Holy Ghost was not yet given because that Yahshua was not yet glorified.)” He was Glorified at The Cross.

“And His brightness was as the light; He had horns coming out of his hand (in margin: or bright beams out of His side) and there was the hiding of His power.” -Habakkuk 3:4

In Hebrew Jonah means “dove” and is a feminine word. Since The Dove symbolizes The Holy Ghost, “The Sign of Jonah” was, or is, The Sign to God’s people of the manifestation of The Holy Spirit in their midst. As our Savior was “three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth”, it was a SIGN to us that He relinquished The Power and Authority of His Indwelling Spirit, The Holy Ghost, and allowed Himself to be tried, convicted, beaten, and crucified by the heart of man, who is made from the earth.

“The Sign of Jonah” is a Message about the Revelation and manifestation in The Second Adam at the Cross of The Divine Person Who came forth from The Savior’s side, His Second Self and Helpmate in The Person of The Holy Ghost, His Shekinah Glory. She is The “Other Comforter” who is also another Intercessor.”

The Sign of Jonah is a TIME RELATED prophecy brought forth and fulfilled in a specific period of time, “three days and three nights” [three full days], given to a specific people, as in the type. The Sign of Jonah is the definitive compacted prophecy of Divinity imparting salvation. The Sign of Jonah is the Cross, the story of the Cross, the beginning and the end of the science of salvation. The SIGN of The Two Doves coming to God’s people with justice and mercy on their wings.

“An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it but the sign of the prophet Jonas….” Matthew 12:39; Mark 8:12; Luke 11:29


The Branch Movement, within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, came upon the prophetic scene in 1955 with a TIME prophecy connection based on the 430 year prophecies of Ezekiel 4 and Genesis (Galatians 3:17). At that time, The Davidian Movement within, the SDA Church, had, only months earlier, lost their Movement’s founder Victor T. Houteff. At the time of Houteff’s death the Davidian Movement was quite prosperous and moving forward rapidly. There was considerable suspicion surrounding Brother Houteff’s unexpected death, being in relatively good health.

In a providential prophecy of Zechariah 13:7 we read, “Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith The Lord of hosts,” smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones (Immanuelites).”

An interesting prophecy of not just one “shepherd” departing off the scene, but two, “the man who is my fellow”. The implications of this prophecy are quite significant in light of both The Shepherd’s Rod and The Branch messengers, Victor T. Houteff’s and Ben L. Roden’s, consecutive ministries. These two messages represented the “repeat” of The First angel’s Message and the “repeat” of The Second and Third Angels Messages [in two phases 1955/1977] of Revelation 14, with “new” “added light”, to the SDA Church as spoken of by Ellen G. White in Early Writings and Testimonies to Ministers.

The Branch Message was based on the prophecies of Zechariah 6:12; Zechariah 3:8; Jeremiah 33:15; Jeremiah 23:5 and Isaiah 4:2 to mention a few. All of which Ellen G. White stated applied with “peculiar force” to the people of God at a certain time at the beginning of The Judgment for the Living, beginning with The Church [SDA]. Judgment begins at the House of God, 1 Peter 4:17. See 5 Testimonies 472 and Great Controversy 415-416. Christ/Messiah YHshua/Jesus is The Branch. The life and ministry of Christ became a type of a Message to bear His name, and His reproach, in the latter days. Many Biblical persons and messages have more than one application, as type and antitype indicates, as Sister White confirms.

The whole story of these two movements of destiny “within” the True Church [SDA – A Quarry of “lively stones”] of the last days is clearly depicted in the great prophecy of The ENSIGN of Isaiah 11:1.

“And there shall come forth a Rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of His roots.”

Clearly, Three movements of destiny here depicted. Two of which grow from the parent stock Jesse…..the SDA Church. The solemn mission of both the Rod and Branch Messages was to inform the Church about the impending and imminent transition from The Judgment for the Dead (1844), to The Judgment for the Living, NOW IN PROGRESS, “the closing up of The Great Day of Atonement”, which began in 1844.

For, “Surely, The Lord will do nothing except He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” -Amos 3:7

“And by a prophet The Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved. ” -Hosea 12:13

Both these messages represented IN VERITY THE REPEAT OF THE FIRST ANGEL’S MESSAGE AND THE REPEAT OF THE SECOND ANGEL’S MESSAGE RESPECTIVELY. See Spirit of Prophecy references in the short study at the end of this book concerning the Three Angels Messages repeat phases.

In 1977 a message, within a message, came to the Branch people through the wife of The Branch messenger Ben L Roden, and again, with The Divine signature of a TIME prophecy connection [430 year prophecy], Her (Lois Irene Scott Roden) message dealt expressly with revealing the nature, gender, and work of the Holy Spirit, Who, in prophecy represented the REPEAT of The Third Angel’s Message. She announced at the beginning of her work that The Message of The Holy Spirit Mother in Heaven would cover a special time period of seven years. Something very profound and significant, a prophetic event, took place in the “midst of and at the end of her seven year ministry, which Lois Roden had “specifically” announced but not yet fully understood until its fulfillment. This event, in the midst of the Seven Year prophecy/ministry of The Holy Spirit Message, was, “The Sign of Jonah” Message, The Seventh Angel’s Message, revelation 18:1, Revelation 10:7.

In several places in Ellen G. White’s writings she speaks of “The Angel who JOINS The Third Angel….who directs the work”. In reality, a fouth Angel, THE FOURTH ANGEL, which is The Seventh Angel (Revelation 18:1) counting the repeatd phases since 1844, of all SIX Messages/Angels [1-2-3+1-2-3] of Revelation 14. The SDA Church only teaches Three of these “Angels Messages”. See study/questions at the end of this book.

And here is where the story of The Sign of Jonah, in our time, begins. Thus, by this process of recounting our steps, we may authenticate the TIME, the place, and the messenger, God (Elohiym) used to “Bring about and perfect His work of righteousness.” – Testimonies to Ministers, p300.

The Glorious Star revealing the glory of Yeshua HaMashiach, The Holy Ghost (Ruach Ha Kodesh), completed our understanding of The Divine Image and the full restoration of The Divine Family in Heaven. This was the compete fulfillment of the message of the Revelation 18:1 Angel, who comes at the right time, to lighten the whole earth with the Glory of the Messiah, The Shekinah Glory.

It is the purpose of this brief outline of events to recount the prophetic and spiritual timely encounters of the two messengers who brought the last two portions of manna, the “double portion”, the Sixth and Seventh Thunders of Revelation 10:7, during the seven year (seven day) prophecy to the people of God [Judah – Seventh-Day Adventist]. Thereby, joining together as The Third Angel – The Mother Message – is joined by The Fourth Angel -The Holy Ghost Daughter Message – which was hidden in the skirt of Her Mother, so to speak. This parallel, and antitype, also fits to type as when The Holy Ghost JOINED The Son once again to call Him forth at His resurrection. He was The Third Angel Message, and She was The Fourth Angel Message. The Ultimate Christ Centered Truth!

The prophecy first given through Lois Roden, during her ministry, depicting “The Sign of Jonah,” reveals all the crucial details of the revelation and its fulfillment, fully illuminating our pathway. This account IS NOT the specific message of The Seventh Angel given in 1981, and then more fully in 1984. The is the story and the historical account, by a first-hand witness of the Message as it came about in the Advent Movement. This account contains only portions of that message. You must read the full message in “The Revelation of Jesus Christ and His Righteousness”.


Throughout her message and ministry, Sister Roden repeatedly taught, wrote, and depicted, on numerous charts, “A Seven Year Prophetic Ministry,” which is based on the 430 year prophecy, beginning with Martin Luther and other key figures of The Reformation which Ellen White speaks of extensively in the book Great Controversy. The completion of this final TIME prophecy period had its beginning at Tabernacles of 1977, and concluding Tabernacles of 1984. Somewhere in the time frame of this seven year prophecy, the enactment in a real life drama depicting the great controversy in Heaven, and the full revelation and complete understanding of The Divine Family was to be brought forth, at a time of crisis for God’s people, at New Mount Carmel Center, Waco Texas…..



Throughout the many publications, charts, and teaching tapes of Sister Roden, she taught us of the impending fulfillment of the Jonah Types: one fulfillment to ten tribe Israel, and another fulfillment to two tribe Judah.

Lois began to unfold this truth on an audio tape she recorded 9-24-78, entitled “Jonah”, on which she expounded upon Brother Houteff’s study of the Jonah type in 11 Symbolic Code 8, and 14 Tract 12, and therein giving us a new expanded application to the Jonah truth. For the many Branch believers and friends familiar with the study it should still be recognizant in our minds who Sister Roden referred to (George Roden) when applying the fulfillment of the Jonah type to ten tribe Israel. However, our primary interest and point of this study is the fulfillment of the Jonah prophecy unto two tribe Judah, The Branch Davidian Movement, by the “Christ of Messiah Type” fulfilled “in the messenger (message) whom He sends” (Christ object Lessons 79).

This prophecy has the distinction of being the “Christ of Messiah Type” only in the sense of the anointing of the message and its messenger, because of the prophecy, applications, and fulfillment that The Lord Himself gave in Matthew 12:39 saying, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the Sign of Jonah.” He applied this to Himself since He went only to two tribe Judah in His ministry on this earth.

When we look at how The Messiah fulfilled this prophecy about the sign of Jonah (Yonah – meaning a female dove in Hebrew) we cannot help but recognize that there was a deeper and more profound fulfillment than Brother Houteff or even Sister Roden knew. In the Biblical type application in Y’shua’s (Jesus) time, let us discern what really took place in the midst of that very special prophecy of “three days and three nights.” While hanging on His cross as The Second Adam, The Creator gave up His Glory as He went into the deep sleep of the second death, and His Holy Spirit, and Second Self, was manifested as the Person of The Holy Ghost, the part of The Savior that could not come under the influence of sin and death. The Divine Person of The Holy Ghost was manifested and separated from The Son of man, as symbolized by the “two distinct and copious streams” (Desire of Ages, EGW) that came forth from His side, one of blood representing the sin offering of His humanity and the other of water representing the live offering of His Divinity, that which could not die.


“The wonderful symbol of the living bird dipped in the blood of the bird slain and then set free to its joyous life, is to us, the symbol of The Atonement. There were death and life blended, …. the union of the pardoning blood with the resurrection and life of our Redeemer. The bird slain was over living water; that flowing stream that was a symbol of the ever flowing, ever cleansing efficacy of the blood of Christ, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, the fountain that was open for Judah and Jerusalem, wherein they may wash and be clean from every stain of sin” (Letter 87, 1894 EGW) Lev. 14: 4-8

As “the bird was dipped in the blood of the slain bird and set free to its joyous life” so did The Holy Ghost come forth from The Savior, The Second Adam, and She carried His Blood into The Heavenly Sanctuary before Her Father and Mother at the very hour of the evening sacrifice, when the lamb got away from the priest and the veil was ripped in twain (signifying His flesh) by an unforeseen hand, allowing man to look into the Most Holy Place to see that the Ark of the Covenant and the Shekinah Glory were no longer in the earthly Tabernacle.

Both the Law and The Shekinah had tabernacled in The Word made flesh, The Only Begotten of The Father, until He freely gave up His Eternal Life and Creative Power to pay for the sin of mankind. The theme of the two turtledoves was such a predominant theme throughout Sister Roden’s ministry, particularly the early years, that it bears review and meditation. And hereby, we shall be able to lock in the appointed time the Message of The Daughter came, and by whom it was given, so that we may further ponder the claims of the Message of The Angel that “joins” The Third Angel, to give power and force to The Message of The Branch. Remember, Christ/Messiah, is The Branch.

As revealed to humanity in the order of manifestation, The Only-Begotten Son is The Third Member of The Divine Family, or The Third Angel. In the order of revelation, in the repeat of The Three Angels Messages, the Divine Mother is The Third Angel. In both these applications The Divine Daughter is The Fourth Member of the Family, and The Fourth Angel.

No one had made this application prior to 1984. This prophecy and application of the Message of Jonah applies to BOTH phases, as we shall further recount, giving POWER and FORCE to the reemergence and continuance of The 1888 Message of the Righteousness of Christ (by Faith & Impartation).

The message of Righteousness by Faith partially given in 1888 is the first indicator to this process of validation. The 1888 Message was the beginning of the Revelation 18 Message, which, if fully accepted, would have ushered in The Kingdom by 1890 according to one statement by Ellen White written from Melbourne Australia May 9, 1892. Since the Angel was rejected, this Messenger or Angel would have to return at the appointed time, according to a time prophecy, not just any arbitrary time chosen by man, to finally present the full message and do its work. Therefore, the unfolding of the new message must be in harmony in its content, nature, and most of all, with the appointed time of revelation to be the fulfillment of the type. If there is no type there is no truth! These are the way marks.


To truly understand this great controversy of the ages, we must contemplate the original type when sin entered the courts of Heaven. As was revealed to us by the messenger in 1984, Lucifer’s position in Heaven was near to the throne; closest to The Divine Mother, as Her prophet or mouth-piece, having been given to him virtually ALL prophetic knowledge. He was well able to “sweep away” or “carry away” all those who considered his claims as being equal to The Only Begotten Son. After all the angelic host were spoken into existence by The Only Begotten of the Father, Lucifer, who was created as similar to His Creator as possible, was appointed the prophet or mouthpiece or messenger of Elohiym. All that The Godhead wanted the heavenly hosts to know was delivered to them by Lucifer, the light-bearer. It was very difficult for them to know whether this light and truth came from Elohim, or as he had claimed, from Lucifer himself. How else could he have deceived the angelic host to believe that he was owed the homage reserved for The Creator only? Nearly half of these wise and intelligent beings were “carried away” by his flood of private interpretation.

The fallen beings failed to relate to the true arguments of Michael the Arch Angel, who was the next in delineation of authority to Lucifer. Michael did not replace Lucifer. No created being would ever again be permitted the ultra-close proximity to The Throne of The Father that Lucifer once held. Michael defended the position and purpose of The Only Begotten Son. The convicting presence of The Spirit of Wisdom attended each word Michael uttered in love and mercy to those fallen ones, but without complete success. The knowledge and power of Lucifer was very great, but was no accompanied with love and peace. The real purpose of this study, “The Sign of Jonah,” is to establish and confront each Branch, Davidian, and Seventh-Day Adventist, that we are replaying in our own midst the greatest of all dramas enacted before the foundation of the world.

At Passover 1984, the great controversy over the Heaven appointed delineation of authority in The Branch Davidian Movement was contested by Vernon Howell [a new believer]. He coveted the position and authority of the one whose place and name was given to him by inheritance. At that time, A spiritual son, as was Michael, stood up for the people and contended with the adversary [Vernon Howell alias David Koresh] of Truth, the Law and authority of The Almighty. He gave a point by point dissertation of the Seven Thunders, the delineation of events, the Delineation of Authority, that took place in Heaven before and after the establishment of the Throne of The Almighty. The cause and curse of sin’s origin was described in uncanny accuracy, with the establishing of the Plan of Salvation to rid the universe of sin and sinners, gave those listening a whole new understanding of the work of redemption.


As Siser Roden began teaching in 1977, she quickly began to take notice of The Savior’s seven year ministry to Judah, in type and prophecy before and after the Cross. She noticed that “The Sign of Jonah” was the major dividing line “in the midst of the week” (Daniel 9:27), of the prophecy and mission of The Messiah to Judah, first. Her understanding of both lines of prophecy of The Jonah type were virtually complete. However, in dealing with the predominant fulfillment to the two tribes first, she was not fully prepared for the outcome and fulfillment of the events that transpired at the appointed time. It was her son of promise, the spiritual Immanuel (The Message), born of her spiritual message, and not born of her flesh, that would confront her with the ultimate truth and realities of her climactic ministry, as we all watched the great drama begin to unfold.

At the appointed time Lois was approached in a most gracious manner by her spiritual son, who entreated and confronted her with the truth of the events contained in her inspired charts and writings, and, in one sense, she became the one to announce, anoint and baptize the one having the “double portion”, the seventh Thunder, as The Divine Mother did to Her spiritual Son when John the Baptist fulfilled all righteousness in his day. Even though she expected her firstborn fleshly son to be the fulfillment of the prophecy, she took careful note of the one who ultimately, through The Spirit, opened her understanding to the completion of the Atonement and her own central part in the drama of the ages, as prophesied in the events on the very charts she was inspired to make. It was in Sister Roden’s books and charts she foretold of the coming of The Two Turtle Doves, as shown in Leviticus 14, thus, fulfilling “The Sign of Jonah” by bringing a Message about the Two Doves (Jonah or Yonah) – both The Mother and The Daughter in one sense, and also, The Son and The Daughter in another.


The first streams of light were shed in the revelation of The Glory of our Savior, The Branch, and thus, the stage was being set up to bring about its fulfillment at he anointed time. Sister Roden requested the assistance of a well-established and faithful Branch believer to help her design and draw the cover for what was to be a three part series entitled “Behold Thy Mother”.

Charles Pace had been a Branch believer for seven years, and he whole heartedly accepted The Holy Spirit Message as given by Sister Roden. He graciously consented to use his talents and assist Lois with the project. He had no idea what would begin to be revealed to him, as he drew the depiction of The Holy Spirit Mother as sister Roden had honored him to do. In completing the drawing of The Feminine Angel, standing upon a New Moon crescent, as also depicted in Revelation 12, he submitted it to Sister Roden for approval. She was impressed , but asked Charles if he could draw the face differently, to draw the face of an older, more mature, matriarchal figure. He attempted several times to redraw an older countenance on the woman, but to no avail. Charles resubmitted the drawing to Lois, telling her that he tried, but somehow he was unable, or possibly, prevented from drawing it differently. He did not understand why, and neither did Lois. Nevertheless, Lois like the way it turned out and approved it for the booklet cover.

At New Mt. Carmel Center in Waco, Texas, the “streams of the first light of dawn” were now turning into a more visible glow on he horizon of prophetic truth. During the second week of December 1980, after officiating and participation in a special baptism of rededication at New Mt. Carmel Center, Charles approached Sister Roden and shared with her for the first time, the understanding he was given concerning the all important theme of salvation….”The Second Adam” (1 Cor. 15:45, 49). He declared to Lois, “If The Savior is The Second Adam, The Bridegroom, how could He marry His Mother? Eve was Adam’s wife, and sister, not his mother. The Second Adam had to marry the Second Eve, ….His Glory.” [Some ONE of like nature and beginning, not created to be equally yoked, Divinity with Divinity – not Divinity with humanity!!

Ultimately, The Church, as The Bride, is only a picture to show us the intimate relationship The Lord desires with His people by dwelling ‘within’ each one through and by His Holy Ghost. We are part of The Bride, The Holy Ghost, because She is IN and with US, Her children. If we are truly “BORN AGAIN”, “WE MUST KNOW WHO OUR MOTHER IS. FOR WE ARE CONCEIVED AND BORN “OF” A VIRGIN, THE HOLY GHOST, BEFORE SHE IS MARRIED. To know NOT who our mother is, is worse than being a “bastard” child! (Deuteronomy 23:2). We are all “conceived and born OF” a woman, in the spiritual as well as the physical sense. Conceived “BY” a man, and born “OF” a woman. See Romans 1:20. Meditate and pray on it. In the final analysis and application, the Church members, or “guests”, are The Lord’s children, and not The Bride. This is expressly stated in the book The Great Controversy, on page 427, “In the Revelation the people of God are said to be the guests at the marriage supper. Revelation 19:9. If Guests, they cannot be represented also as the bride!”

Sister Roden seemed to ponder the thought momentarily, then responded to Charles to “hush-up” and not to speak of it again. The charts she authored were replete with “the Sign of Jonah” perfectly dividing the Seven Year Ministry into two periods of three and one half years. It was only six months to the appointed time that the type would begin to meet its fulfillment. Prior to the beginning of the prophecy, Lois put forth a Scriptural riddle to the people as to what the name of The Holy Ghost was. Charles called her one evening and gave her the correct answer – Sabbath or Sabaoth. It was Charles that challenged her to begin to recognize that there is a difference between The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost. By Passover 1981, Charles had the full light on The Second Adam and The Second Eve, The Spirit of The Creator, The Holy Ghost, The Mother of all who are spiritually alive through the new birth.


The appointed time was at hand. Passover 1981 had come Charles Pace was back in Toronto, Canada. He gave a study during Passover to The Branch group there concerning The Second Eve, The Bride of Y’shua. According to this new revelation brought by this anti typical Jonah – Charles Pace – She was The Holy Ghost Daughter not The Divine Mother. Thought all present there received the new truth with gladness and with a spirit of awe, when two sisters called Sister Roden to tell her the good news and the wonderful new truth, Sister Roden informed the Canadian group not to have any further contact with Charles Pace. He was cast out of the circle of fellowship.

The prophetic piece now locking into place was as crisp a “snap” as providence could have arranged. This heavenly molded part fit [in TIME] perfectly in it’s place. No one had even noticed that it was the very middle of the “seven year ministry,” the midst of the week of years! Something important and profound was taking place, but few, if any, discerned or recognized it. Joyce Pace was the only one who took hold of he new truth and continued to fellowship with her brother Charles. Hence, we had “two turtle doves,” a brother and sister, to come on the scene of prophetic destiny.

For the next three years, Charles Pace would have no friends in The Branch Movement or have any contact with or from Mt. Carmel, until George Roden invited him to give his presentation at Passover 1984, at Mt. Carmel, Waco 76705. All Branch believers clearly remember the spiritual crisis of that hour, that year. All were in the valley of decision when confronted with the presentation of prophetic truths at the Passover of 1984. This would be the prophetic fulfillment and timely proclamation of “The Sign of Jonah” to the two tribes, as prophesied by Lois Roden in her writings and charts, according to Scriptural types and prophecies.

“Zion has no friends, no following, no one to plead their cause.” This was one statement Brother Houteff put forth which was a key facet of the Zion prophecy which foretold the event which was a sign to the people. How was this so? It can be noted on the chart by Lois Roden dated May 3 – Sept. 28, 1979 entitled “Details of The Judgment and Harvest to Judah – The Church”. Charles was also asked to help design this chart with Clive Doyle. The chart shows the flag of Zion right over The Cross, in the midst of the week of the type of Messiah, The Branch-He (Yahshua/Jesus Great controversy 415-416).

The Jonah messenger had been silenced, shut up in the belly of the female whale (movement), a matriarchal society, The Branch Message and Movement [since the death of Ben L Roden in 1978]. This movement, being “THE HEART OF THE EARTH”, the central life giving organ, according to V.T. Houteff’s definition of the phrase, for three literal days and three literal nights, according to type, which is a 72-hour period.

In maintaining the literal and consecutive aspect of the anti type, which is common with The Advent messages, it is obvious in this application, to employ the well established “a day for a year” principle.

To stay within the apparent meaning of the type is the only safe course. Therefore, while applying the “day for a year principle” of this prophecy in our latter-day fulfillment in The Branch Movement, would it not be a reasonable conclusion, based on the type and strong evidence, to require and maintain a three-year period, no more and no less?

The daily cycles of dark and light are represented in the yearly cycles of the year. The Light and the Glory comes in the spring. The starting time of this prophecy had to be at its appointed time in the spring of the year, Passover of 1981, not Tabernacles in the fall of the year, as given repeatedly by inspiration in The Ministry of The Holy Spirit Message. We, as a people, feel that we must be punctual at the appointed prophetic time, according to the type, to properly fulfill it’s anti type. In The Sign of Jonah there is one more key facet to consider regarding the three full days thereof. During the time of exclusion, separation, and expulsion of Jonah for three days, we should remember, it was a message proclaimed, recognized, shared, pondered, and set aside or initially rejected, that caused Jonah to be disfellowshipped in type and anti type.


The drawing of a young feminine image on the covers of the “Behold Thy Mother” series, the revelation through the Jonah messenger of the true nature of The Second Adam to The Bride, the study given in Canada at Passover 1981 of a Fourth Member of The Divine Family, all contributed to the dawning of new light upon The Branch people, but, it was first apprehended by Siser Roden, as could be seen in her study and tract “The Wife of God”.

In this publication she began to seriously ponder and formulate the Scriptural and typical basis for a Helpmate of The Second Adam, but, not yet fully grasping the realities of the difference between The Holy Spirit Mother and The Holy Ghost Daughter, which would have tremendous implications to her prophetic ministry.

Sister Roden confirms on page 4, that “another Eve” was beginning to emerge. The last quote from The Scriptures she gives us at the end of the tract was evidence that it was the appointed time for the “Bride” to come forth,” out from Her closet (out of Her secret chamber).” Joel 2:16 – The Wife of God, p4, Lois I. Roden. The lighting had struck The Thunder (The Seventh) was about to be heard. The Angel of Revelation 18:1 was on Her way, soon to arrive at the right time to join The Third Angel [in it’s “repeat” phase]. The Sign of Jonah came with a lighting bolt of heavenly truth striking the earth where the ground wire, the messenger, was present.


Among Lois Roden’s unpublished prophetic time charts which she asked me to look at one day during my stay at Mt. Carmel in 1984, was one chart showing the time of Jonah’s arrival. It was a time line specifically showing the Jonah type. The chart clearly indicated and announced that the latter-day Jonah would appear in 1981. This is, of course, in full agreement with all the other charts Lois  published concerning the seven year ministry of The Holy Spirit Message.

Since this Jonah prophecy was revealed by Siser Roden, at the beginning of her seven Year ministry (1977 to 1984), it began to become a real issue. No one to this day has set forth its application and fulfillment, particularly where the time and dates actually plug into the prophecy and how the fulfillment is to the Two Tribes – Branch Davidians – and to the Ten Tribes – the SDA church.

We must also note that in the original Jonah type, Jonah the messenger went to Nineveh, a heathen city of Assyria. The Smith Bible dictionary states under the title Jonah, “Having already, as it seems, prophesied to Israel, he was sent to Nineveh. The time was of political revival in Israel; but ere long the Assyrians were to be employed by God as a scourge upon them.” It appears that there are more than two types here to be fulfilled; one to the Two Tribes, a second to the Ten Tribes, and a third to the latter-day Assyrians.


During 1983, the Jonah Messenger was to receive, as I would term, the double blessing of the double portion of Truth. He was given the confirmation of The Holy Ghost Daughter Message in The Star Study of The Branch Message – “The Glorious Start containing Jesus’/Yeshua New Name” (EW p 15), which is “The Branch”. This Glorious Star was the first significant and yet unrevealed symbol of Sister White’s first vision. We all knew about the New Name, The Branch, but, why a “Glorious Star”? This first significant symbol of Ellen White’s first vision was revealed to us by the Message and messenger (Jonah) in 1984. In relation to Sister White’s statement in Early Writings p 18, of the same vision where she sees the lightened woods “all over glorious”, could it be Ellen White saw the “double portion” of The Daughter Message that was hidden in The Divine Mother Message?

Yes! But we cannot stop here. There is more. What could be “more glorious” than the “double portion”, making the woods “ALL OVER GLORIOUS”? Do trees not symbolize leaders? Here we have many trees clumped together, a wood or forest. This signifies a group of leaders, a priesthood “all over glorious” because they know and understand The Divine Family in their Glorious and complete Image, and they too have been adopted in to that Family. Thus, The Divine Family and Their True Image is now complete in the earth as it is in Heaven. The Father, Mother, Son and Daughter are revealed to us on Earth, completing The Divine Image and The Family of Elohiym.

The Symbol of the Glorious Star and it’s Truth in reality exposed Lucifer’s intent of coveting the Glory of The Father. This was the beginning of the end for him in The Courts above, long long ago. The same drama was to be enacted around “the scepter” [symbol of Divine, spiritual, prophetic authority – Gen. 49:10] of the throne in The Branch Movement, during the last generation of the earth. With this drama comes the timely appearance of the latter-day Jonah who gives a message that exposes the truth mixed with error message brought Lucifer’s prophet (mouthpiece). When God gave Israel the written Word, the Law with its statutes and judgments, He was preparing them to receive The Word made flesh and see and feel His true nature and character.

The Savior came to demonstrate to humanity His Father’s and Mother’s character of love and mercy, thereby, preparing their hearts to receive the most precious and Holy Thing that was enshrouded in His own Being, the Shekinah Glory, His Holy Spirit. The Sign of Jonah, The Dove, was then, as it is now, a Revelation of The Person, The Priesthood, The Work, The Nature, and The Character of The Only Begotten Son and His Divine Helpmate. This was the full and final Revelation of the DUAL Intercession of The Messiah and His Holy Ghost (Rom. 8:26). This is the fullness of the Revelation of The Seventh Angel that gives the needed light to explain and bring forth the “closing up of the Great Day of Atonement” for the Advent people, beginning with 1844 onward.

This type was fulfilled at the Cross – the nature and reality of the Sign of Jonah – as the symbol of the Two Doves (Jonahs), one that dies and another that lives and is set free (Leviticus 14). This was, and is , the reality of The Revelation of The Second Eve coming forth from the side of the Second Adam as He fell into the deep sleep of eternal death on The Cross (1 Cor. 15:45-49).

Sister White tells us concerning the spear that was thrust into The Savior’s side, “From the wound thus made, there flowed two copious and distinct streams, one of the blood, the other of water.” DA p 772. The Word tells us in John 7:38,39, “He that believeth on me, as The Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of The Spirit, which they that believe on Him should receive: for The Holy Ghost was not yet given because that Yahshua was not yet glorified.)” He was Glorified at The Cross. “And his brightness was as the light; he has horns coming out of his hand (in margin: Or bright beams out of his side) and there was the hiding of his power.” – Habakkuk 3:4

Through the Jonah or Dove that died, the unfolding of the Father’s character was made complete. Through the death of The Son, who was the fullness of The Godhead bodily, The Glory He inherited from The Father was manifested as a separated and distinct Being. Read Proverbs 1:8, 20-33; Proverbs 2; Proverbs 4:5-18; Proverbs 8; Proverbs 9; and there is much more if you can bear it. Thus, the complete Revelation of The Father through His Son was accomplished and The Father was truly revealed as The Head of A Divine Family, consisting of a Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter.

As began to be unfolded in 1888, this was the demonstration of The Love, the Power, and Authority of The Son of God reiterated and fully revealed to angels, eons ago. This was The Branch Family Tree of Life planted in the earth Who became The LORD Our Righteousness. We as wild branches must be grafted into Him, the source of Life and Righteousness, so that through the Life that flows through His veins we might take hold and bear the fruit of righteousness, yea, even the fruit of His Spirit and Life. To deny or mock this crowning Revelation to The Advent Movement is to deny and dispute The Deity, The Fullness of the Only Begotten of The Father. In the Advent Movement today, some have already done this by denying the preexistence of The Son, in eternity past, prior to the birth of our Lord and The Messiah 2000 years ago.


At Passover 1984 the fullness of the time had come. It was the prophetic Sabbatical year, the end of the Seven years ministry of The Divine Mother Message. The required prophetic time (three years) allotted for the Jonah anti type was complete. There was a spiritual and circumstantial crisis at New Mt. Carmel, Waco Texas, and all branches were contacted and invited to come and hear the issues and make their decision. Sister Roden had not published for nearly a year, except a field letter or two, asking the people to give a fair hearing to the claims of Vernon’s “Seventh Angel Message.” This she did according to the counsel given us in Testimonies to Minister p.437, and many other places. Lois Roden never endorsed Vernon Howell’s message, but she was affected by it. It appeared that Lois had been coerced by Vernon and his group to write the letter and sign it. Both George and Vernon were working to line up enough support for the ultimate control and leadership of New Mt. Carmel which would decide the destiny of The Branch Davidian Message and Movement. It is well known as a matter of history now that Sister Roden had become entangled in Vernon Howell’s web of prophetic deception and was no longer able to cope with him or hold her own with him on the spiritual battlefield. Even had the same confrontation in the Garden of Eden. By this time Vernon Howell had managed to gain the support of almost everyone living at New Mount Carmel Center. No one knew what would happen, only The Lord of Hosts held the future in His hands.

In The Lord’s providence, it was George and Jane Roden’s presence and effort, before Passover 84, that held the line against the tide of “the beast’s presence”, the emerging “Lucifer movement”, that developed within The Branch Movement. Yet, unbeknownst to Vernon Howell, there was a show-down to take place at Passover 1984. A few days prior to Passover, Vernon began intensive and lengthy studies in Perry Jones’ house, on New Mt. Carmel, not in the church building, for the people who were then arriving.

When I was asked by George to attend Passover services that year, I only anticipated staying a few weeks, until Pentecost at the latest. I ended up staying nine months! More than once I planned to leave but it just never happened. The Lord had other plans for me. He needed an eyewitness, someone that would later write the truth of what transpired and put those momentous events in a proper honest perspective, for the remaining Branch believers and also for the Church [SDA – ten tribes] as a whole. When I first met Vernon, in early 84, hearing what he had to say, he found nothing in me that would want to embrace his teachings. He quickly gave up on me.

Shortly before coming to Mt. Carmel for Passover 84, Charles Pace had a dream in which he saw a man peeking his head out of Lois’ bedroom door and then backing in again and closing the door. Charles never saw Vernon before, but he later recognized him as the man in the dream. There was more to the dream, however this was all that is pertaining to the event at that time. Lois confided in Charles concerning Vernon’s spiritual and physical assault upon her, which she was remorseful and repentant, that she finally, briefly, caved into his advances. As you continue on with this chronology, bear in mind these important questions. Where was the prophetic counterpoint to stand against Vernon at Passover 84? Lives and souls were at stake. Where was the anointing that was to expose the work and motives of Vernon’s plan? Where was The Voice of The Lord, the voice of reason and counsel to guide us through the controversy of Passover 84? Where was the voice of timely WARNING? Who was this young man Vernon Howell (alias David Koresh)? What was his diabolical plan? What was the type he came to fulfill? Did anyone have the answers?


Many people had arrived at New Mt. Carmel in the week just prior to Passover. I had arrived at Mt. Carmel about two or three weeks before and was involved in all the preparations, at the direction of George Roden, for the solemn events about to transpire. Vernon had already won the support of many followers by utilizing his people mastery skills of personality, music and long study sessions. Vernon had come to be familiar and conversant in The Rod and Branch Messages only in the previous three years, Charles and his sister, Joyce Pace, had arrived about a week prior to Passover to help prepare for the Seder service. Carmen and Sharon Roden were impressed to return from Jerusalem Israel to attend the services, meetings and events of the season. Mt. Carmel was a very busy place, with so much happening and the many people that were converging to the Convocation for Passover. It was to be the last great gathering of The Branch people. One could sense that something very important was about to take place, but no one knew just what it could be. George had told me that Charles desired to give a study Passover day. Charles told George that he had the answers for what was happening at Mount Carmel.


If there was ever an hour of peril in which The Branch people needed Divine counsel, inspirations, and direction, it was on this Passover day, the day of decision and separation. Those of us that kept the Passover Seder meal on one long table in front of the stage in the church, were blessed and had a wonderful time of fellowship. George and Carmen presided over the Seder meal, after which a brief study was given by George. According to the testimony of one who was present, there was no Passover Meal and no Passover Communion Emblems served by Vernon to the many adherents congregated at Perry Jones’ house that evening. Their evening was filled with intense studies conducted by Vernon and went on well into the early hours of the morning.

After the Passover meal at the church, Charles, myself, and several others went to Vernon’s study at Perry’s house. Lois was already there. I do not remember if Lois had kept the Passover with us at the church that night or not. Although Lois was at Vernon’s study, she did ask some pointed questions and sounded as if doubting many of his claims. An invitation was given by Charles for both groups to meet the next morning in the church building for a special presentation. Vernon’s stronghold on many of the people made him quite confident, almost too confident, but he did agree to the invitation. He had also gained much ground with newly arriving unsuspecting believers who came for Passover.

According to the principle of the harvest, both wheat and tares are to grow together until they bear fruit. Then and only then, can their true character be determined. Therefore, both the true message and the false message must exist at the same time to bring forth the respective groups. There were only two messages presented at Passover 84, which catalyzed the manifestation of the true motives that were in each one’s heart, thus, determining on which side each would make their stand. Vernon was unsuspecting of what was about to transpire at the meeting the next day. The impact of the study would have its toll on his personal agenda.

The stage was set. Those The Lord invited to witness the fulfillment of the Sign of Jonah to the Two Tribes were present to hear the message of the Revelation of The Holy Ghost Daughter, the anti type of The Cross, and were to make their eternal decision for or against the message and its messenger.

The Lord was faithful! He directly warned His people, as a corporate body, at the appointed time, in the place where He had placed His Name – Branch! Those who would accept the Sign of Jonah would go through the Valley of Achor – the valley of decision – and walk through the “Door of Hope;” for The Holy Ghost is the Hope of Glory; the hope of our Salvation, at the “closing up of The Atonement,” The Christ (Messiah Yahshua) in you, the Hope of Glory.


For those who met together on that decisive day in that little church “in the heart of Texas”, it was the beginning of judgment, individually and corporately. For many it would be the greatest decision of their lifetime, literally, a life and death matter. Many that were there, who made the decision to follow Vernon, lost their lives and the lives of their innocent children, nine years later to the very day. Judgment day had begun. It is no coincidence that judgment is the theme and warning of The Sign of Jonah, in type and in its appointed time. As beautiful as was the message presented that fateful day, the reality was, “Truth that is rejected cannot save, it always destroys!’ All were assembled in the church building at The Third Hour for the meeting on Passover day.

In the church there was a drawing board set up in the same place we had eaten the Passover the night before. It was as if we were about to partake of another feast, another communion and spiritual banquet prepared by The Lord of Hosts. There was a solemn quiet presence throughout the place. Only one person there really knew what was about to transpire, knowing who Vernon Howell really was. For some he would introduce them to a new beginning. But for others it would be the beginning of the end for them. Looking back over the past nine years to that solemn day, I can honestly say that it was a day when infinite Wisdom shed Her grace and mercy upon Vernon and his followers hoping that they would repent and forsake their rebellious course. Surely, The Lord was in that place.


At the appointed time, the Jonah Messenger stepped up to address the people as all sat quietly wondering what he had to say and present. His name literally means “man of peace”. His lineal ancestry came from the place in the Mediterranean where the Apostle Paul was once shipwrecked on the Islands of Malta. The name translated means “Goddess of Generations”. He looked like he meant business and that he was prepared to represent the people of God in a serious spiritual warfare that was about to take place. In laying his foundation for “The Star Study”, he reiterated about the first controversy in Heaven of how Michael, the archangel, stood up in Heaven to do battle with Lucifer and his rebellious host. What he was about to present to the people was a comprehensive understanding of The Divine Family and exactly what relationship Lucifer did have to Them. He brought forth the compelling truth of the rebellion in Heaven and compared it to exactly what was transpiring at Mount Carmel, around the throne of The Branch, that very day. The controversy millennia before, as it was now, was over who had rightful authority. Sister White’s comments under Isaiah 14 in the EGW Bible echo’s this theme three times of how Lucifer contested the order of Divine Government.

Charles knew his part well as he stepped up to the prophetic stage of action, reenacting the tragic and glorious spiritual drama. What Brother Pace offered the people that day was nothing less than “The Counsel of Peace” Restoration through the Revelation of Jesus Christ – Y’shua HaMashiach – and His Righteousness, as the fullness of The Godhead bodily. I sat near the mid-rear portion of the church taking in the whole scene. Vernon sat in the front row and was not really prepared to have his plans and motives exposed to view in such a public manner. As Charles began the study he knew that the destiny of souls hung in the balance. Sister Roden’s reputation, message and ministry hung by a thread. There was a prophetic explanation for what happened to her with Vernon and the group at Mr. Carmel. Her spiritual son was about to expose the adversary of her soul and vindicate her name and ministry.


As the people sat transfixed upon the presentation, you could hear a pin drop. It was intense and yet beautiful. The meaning of the Star on The Branch Ensign (of Isaiah 11:1) was beginning to unfold into the “Glorious Star containing Jesus’ New Name” (Early Writings p15). It was destined to be revealed during the time and the message of The New Name – The Branch – The Lord our Righteousness. Such a revelation could only be given free course in the seventh year of The Spirit Mother Message. At this time of crisis for the people of God, the Revelation of Jesus Christ and His Righteousness was given to see them through. This Truth came at the appointed time and at the appointed place that bears His Name in time of harvest – The Branch Davidian Association.

It was after Passover ’84 that Lois began to realize and understand the meaning of the events that she was chosen to play a key role in, as the anti type of Eve, who seduced and deceived by the “serpents root” to partake with him of the forbidden fruit, both physically and spiritually. She realized that Vernon’s deceiving her was a ploy to ruin her reputation with her followers and eventually take over the position her husband had as prophet and leader of the Branch-Davidian Association.


Charles laid a solid foundation to his study by reading and commenting from the opening chapter of Patriarchs and Prophets entitled “Why Was Sin Permitted?”, which outlines what took place before and during Lucifer’s rebellion and fall in heaven. Charles explained how Lucifer with craft and cunning began to question The Order of Divine government in Heaven as established by The Almighty. The rebellious son began to foment discord among the angelic host while keeping his true motives and plan hidden from view. He said that it was the other angels that were bringing their petitions of dissatisfaction to him and that he was merely their spokesman.

Charles accurately assessed the situation at Mt. Carmel and exposed Vernon as the anti typical “serpent’s root” in The Branch Movement that came to usurp the authority that was established in the Earth through His appointed prophets. Vernon, like Lucifer, wanted to set up his own government, a government that allowed sin and vice to flourish. The Lucifer movement prophesied by Ellen White began to grow in the remnant church, around the very throne and “scepter” of truth in the earth.

The Star study showed, in perfect symbol, exactly what transpired in the courts of Heaven, long long ago. The Glorious Star set forth in perfect symbol The Revelation of The Seventh Thunder, encompassing all Seven Thunders, in all Seven Messages of The Advent Movement from 1844 to 1984, the delineation of authority in Heaven, as reiterated by The Father [Ha Shem – YHVH] in the first Great Controversy in Heaven. This drama was providentially reenacted and reiterated on earth in the ReCreation message, The Glory of The Father, our Father Yahshua, first spoken forth in 1984 at the appointed time as The Sign of Jonah.


The Star not only revealed The Daughter, but the complete Order of government in Heaven, even the attendant angels to the Son and The Daughter – Michael and Gabrielle. I will attempt to share with you just a few of the key points of the study. The Jonah Study – Type and Anti Type – is not intended to portray The Star study. The book form of The Star study was finally published in 1992 and called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ and His Righteousness – The Spirit and The Bride Say Come….”, and is available on request.

The study progressed with the symbolic unfolding of each member of The Divine Family, beginning with The Almighty Father, The Self Existing One. We learned how He, in an act of supreme Love, forever divided Himself, but still The Echad – The One, now A Composite ONE, manifesting His Second Self, the Shekinah Glory, The Divine Mother Who became a separated Spirit Divine Being as Eve came forth from Adam. The Father was The First Cause, The Divine Singularity, before anything was. Before the creation began The Father chose to divest Himself of His absolute Oneness, ….and became A “Composite ONE,” as testified and revealed in Hebrew text of Scripture He separated His Masculine and Feminine Divine attributes that He might share His Love with Another of like character, like attributes, like mind, equally yoked. In an act of supreme and unselfish Love, The Almighty Elohiym begat/conceived Their Beloved Son. He/They, were NOW a Family! The Heavenly House of David.

E.J. Waggoner explained the birth of The Son in heaven as follows, “There was a time when Christ proceeded forth and came from God, from the bosom of The Father (John 8:42; 1:18), but that time was so far back in the days of eternity that to finite comprehension it is practically without beginning.” – Christ and His Righteousness p 9, 21, 22.

The Son, The Firstborn of Heaven was BROUGHT FORTH from The Bosom of The Father, from The Divine Mother. He goes on to say on page 38 of the same book that, “The eternal power and Godhead of The Lord are revealed in creation. Rom. 1:20. ….”Because redemption is creation. The power of redemption is the power of creation.”

The revelation of the power He used in the creation provides the means of Salvation in the recreation or redemptive process, should nany of His creation freely choose sin. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator and the Redeemer. To deny these grand ennobling turhts is to deny the meaning and reality of the literal Hebrew Words chosen and given to us by Te Lord in The Scriptures and The Spirit of Prophecy. We are told in The Spirit of Prophecy that Adam and Eve “bore the likeness and image of their Maker… outward resemblance, ….in character….in form and feature….not in their physical nature Only….” See PP 46:2; Ed. 20:2; GCS 46:0 by Ellen White.

Genesis 1 & 2 leaves no room for misunderstanding, doubt, disbelief, or spiritualizing away this greatest of Truths for our Salvation, for the “closing up of The Atonement”, that we may become fully transformed into the Image and Likeness of our Creator, our Father and Mother in Heaven. As Sister Roden taught us, “It is simple enough for a child to understand. We need help to misunderstand it.” It is a deep ennobling Truth.


The very title of the book, “Christ and His Righteousness” begins to define and illustrate to us the all important term “Righteousness”. The message of the Righteousness of Christ is the revelation of The Person and power that was hidden within The Branch of righteousness – The Revelation of The Holy Ghost – The Daughter. Therefore, The Revelation of the Fullness of The Godhead (Rom. 1:20) bodily is The Revelation in The Word of all The Members of The Divine Family – The Father, The Mother, The Son and The Daughter, The Holy Ghost – Their relationship to Each Other, with man in the work of Redemption. The Order of (in) Heaven was revealed and was to be established in the Earth. The presentation showed the secret inner council of Heaven, thus, unfolding and reiterating The Divine Family to man as first revealed to the angelic host long long ago.

Charles utilized a drawing board to depict and communicate better the concepts he was teaching. He also used a small, simple paper model of The Star to show the working relationships of the spiritual insights being taught. While utilizing the paper model, Charles would often walk up to Vernon, who was sitting at the front, and he would ask him a pointed question, as a rhetorical probe, to make sure that Vernon got the point clear and direct. He wanted Vernon to realize his true position in the whole scenario at Mt. Carmel, and to let him know that he knew who he was portraying in this real life drama and controversy. All were silent and listened intently. Vernon did not respond until the end of the study. No one in The Branch Movement had ever taught a message as profound and as all encompassing as this, nor have they seen anything like this before.

One of the most important points of the Revelation was the depiction that Lucifer was a created son and therefore, he was only part of the executive council, but that he was not a direct member of The Divine Family. This is clearly illustrated in the book, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ and His Righteousness  The Spirit and The Bride Say, Come….”. Lucifer was the first created being. Although he was not an immediate member of the Royal Family, he held a position in the heavenly government that was in close proximity to The Father’s Throne. He basked in the beams of glory which radiated from Divine Wisdom, The Mother, and he was the prophet or mouthpiece from the Throne of The Almighty to the inhabitants of the universe. If any light or understanding need to be conveyed to His subjects, The Father’s Wisdom would send the leader of the heavenly host, Lucifer, the light bearer, to speak in Their behalf. These Holy being trusted that Lucifer was always in harmony with The Royal Family. Lucifer and The Son were Arch Angels or the principle messengers of The Father and Mother and had their respective positions at the Throne of Elohiym – The Son at the right hand of The Father and Lucifer at the left side by The Divine Mother, Wisdom.

Lucifer wanted to be as The Father and he coveted His Glory and His creative power – The Shekinah. He despised The Only Begotten Son since He had inherited by birthright The Father’s Divine Wisdom and Glory through His Mother. He was truly The Father’s Word and Expressed Image possessing all His attributes – The Fullness of The Godhead (Family – Elohiym) bodily.

At the time Lucifer became discontented, The Royal Family, met in secret council to formulate the Plan of Salvation, perhaps even before the creation, should Lucifer ultimately fall. The Father decided to reiterate His Son’s position in the Order of Heaven. The Plan of Salvation ordained that The Son would manifest His Own glory as a separated Spirit, His Second Self, just as His Father did in the beginning, and as we understand Adam was glorified by the bringing forth of Eve. When The Divine Daughter was manifested, She took up the position by The Mother’s Throne that Lucifer left vacant when he departed from the “immediate Presence of The Father”, Sin would not be able to rise up again since this position of the prophet of Wisdom would be filled by a member of The Divine Family, The Son’s Second Self – The Holy Ghost Daughter – The Spirit of Prophecy.

This revelation of The Righteousness of The Son was given “that we may be able to comprehend with all saints that is the breadth (The Father), and length (The Mother), and depth (The Son), and height (The Holy Ghost); and to know the love of Christ (Yahshua) [His origin in the Father’s Bosom], which passes all previous knowledge, that we might be filled with all the fullness (The Whole Family) of God, that we might know Who The Members of The Family in Heaven are, so we may decide ourselves if we wish to be adopted into that Family.” Eph 3:17-19 paraphrased. How can we become partakers of Divine Nature if we do not recognize and accept The Fullness of Deity?

Lucifer is the spirit of false prophecy, and he has tried to make us deny The Person and position of The Holy Ghost, The Spirit of Truth and Prophecy. To deny The Person, the Personality, The Priesthood, and The Office of The Holy Ghost is to deny The Person and The Divinity of The Son Yahshua Himself, in The Person of His Other Self, The Holy Ghost.

No one in The Branch Movement, or the Church, ever gave such an explanation and testimony as to Who The Holy Ghost is and what Her position is in relation to the Other Members of The Divine Family in the work of creation and redemption. What does inspiration tell us of this all important point for this day?

“There must be a reformation throughout our ranks; the people must reach a higher standard before we can expect power of God to be manifested in a marked manner for the healing of the sick.”

“We talk of The Holy Ghost; we preach of The Holy Ghost; but we need to understand better what the office of The Holy Ghost is. We need to understand that we must co-operate with God in every sense or God cannot co-operate with us….” General Conference Bulletin 34th Session Vol. 4 Extra No. 1 April 3, 1901.

We could now understand that because of sin, She was manifested to expel sin and its originator from the courts of heaven. She took up the position Lucifer left vacant, next to the Throne of the Father and Mother. She was the crowning act of the whole creation when The Son was Glorified and given the same power and Glory The Father had from the beginning. She was manifested as a separated Spirit Being to answer once and for all Lucifer’s claims that The Son was not the Express Image of His Father and that He was not endowed with the same Glory at His birth. Birth, as in “Begotten”. His Glory was revealed for all to see! The Son’s Shekinah Glory was to be His Helpmate in the Plan to Create man and woman in The Divine Image; that man would fill the void in Heaven that resulted from the rebellion. The Plan of Salvation was the plan laid down by The Divine Council to Glorify The Son, to reiterate His position, and bring forth The One Who would not only finish up the Whole of Creation but would also finish up the work of Recreation or Redemption, which is the work of The Atonement.

Sister White makes this plain statement, “The message would not go so much by argument, but by the deep conviction of The Spirit of God. ” G.C. 612. The Seventh Thunder completed the Mystery of God – The Revelation of the mystery of the nature, gender and manifestation of The Divine Persons – YHWH Our Elohiym – The Divine Family. The Seventh Thunder was the completed revelation, therefore, it contained all the delineation of events that are contained in the Seven Thunders – the Delineation of the events, the Messages, that transpired to manifest The Divine Family and the attendant angels to establish the Order of Heaven, the Government of YHVH. Is there anything greater in Heaven and Earth than this? The Seventh Thunder, the crowning revelation of the Thunders, came at the appointed time, and in the last year of the Seven Year Ministry of The Mother Spirit Message.

Since the Seventh Seal began to “stand alone” at Passover 1990, all prophetic knowledge as been poured out to ripen the harvest of the First fruits. We have not been able to receive all, but only as much as we are able according to our spiritual maturity. This same latter rain of truth falls on the just and the unjust, alike. It matures both the righteous who accept and promote it and the unrighteous who reject and fight against it. Since the beginning of the “Flood Type” at the Second Passover 1993, there has been a great flood of truth regarding The Holy Ghost and Her work in finishing up The Atonement. The latter rains of heavenly truth have fallen and the fountains of the deep have been broken by the resulting knowledge and understanding which have brought judgment in the earth, both physically and spiritually, as can be seen in the natural and the spiritual realms worldwide in 1993. Read Psalm 93 for a compacted description of world events.


The day after the Seventh Thunder rolled through the camp, Clive Doyle and Perry Jones called a meeting again in the church of the two groups. Everyone that was present the day before, came again. They were so impressed by that study of the previous day, they created their own version of it. It was Clive and Perry, not Vernon, that presented the study. Vernon came and sat beside me in the middle of the church, next to the windows on the north side. As the brief study began, Vernon put his hand on my knee in a friendly gesture and said, “Watch for the boom!” There was no “boom”, spiritually or otherwise. Their brief , and unimpressive, counter-study made me think ever more of the truthfulness of what I had heard the day before, echoing from The Throne of the Almighty, given with the loudest Thundering from Heaven.

I had been very impressed with Brother Pace’s study and had seen all I needed to make my decision for The Divine Family. I had told Charles right after his presentation that this message was irrefutable, and that it was beautiful and glorious. We all seemed to understand what was happening at Mt. Carmel after The Star study was presented. But for many, it would take some time to sink in and be fully realized. Everyone that was there was impressed with what they had heard.

Vernon and those he was representing were given opportunity to make a decision and by understanding the reality of their rebellious position were given a chance to repent and save face. Vernon did acknowledge that the message was truth, but, he did not repent and turn from his rebellious course. There was one more meeting that was held later that summer on a Sabbath evening at Lois Roden’s house, where the core of Vernon’s group attended and heard Charles Pace one last time and almost forsook Vernon, but they were snapped back into line after the meeting by others. Those who redirected the flow and outcome of that meeting have much to account to God for in this day of judgment. There were many at the meeting that night, who perished in the fire of April 19, 1993. There were also some who escaped the destruction but not the deception.


At the close of the seven year ministry of The Mother Holy Spirit Message there was a fitting symbolic event, representing an outpouring of blessing at the appointed time. Living Waters were the symbol of the Holy Spirit Message, as a river of Life flowing earthward from Heaven. The symbol of Living Waters also symbolized the Mother’s representative, The Spirit Daughter and Message as a Branch or river of Righteousness coming forth from the Throne in the Sanctuary and flowing throughout the Earth (Eze. 47). She also is represented by the Life that is in The Blood, the wine, or grape juice mixed with the water of life.

There was one final meeting and study given on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, where many then present attended, including Lois. Various ones had come to Mt. Carmel for the Feast. Charles gave one final study in the church late that afternoon until well after sundown.

It was Charles that showed Sister Roden that the water did not only symbolize The Holy Spirit Mother, but also The Holy Ghost Daughter in Her Intercessory work with The Son. The study given at Tabernacles shed more light on The Daughter and Her work in the “closing up of the Atonement.” That final meeting was a testimony to some present of the rain of truth that had come the previous Passover, “the latter rain”. At least one man decided to leave after sundown before the study was completed, though Sister Roden pleaded with him to stay. At least he tried to leave. The exact moment he was about to walk out of the meeting, the worst rain storm I have seen in my life took place. It was wonderful and spectacular. The most intense ongoing downpour of rain with lightning, thunder, and high winds I have ever seen. The winds were blowing eastward. The Lord gave all at the meeting a choice, either get drenched inside the church building with the rain of truth, or get drenched walking home. Nevertheless, we all got drenched spiritually. That day God touched all of us present with the most fitting symbolic conclusion of the great Seven Year Prophecy of The Mother Spirit Message and ministry brought by Lois Roden.


Forty days after Tabernacles was the symbolic end of the days of purification, as those of a mother who gives birth to a son, as we all had studied in Brother Houteff’s charts and Ellen White’s writings. As it was in the days of Mary’s purification, the mother of Y’shua, so it was in The Branch-She Movement, when the son of promise, the Jonah messenger, per the type, was to be spiritually born into his new work, providentially anointed, and recognized, by the previous messenger, Lois I. Roden. Sister Roden decided to have baptism or mikvah (cleansing) and rededication baptism at the beginning of the forty days. It was Charles that suggested to her the event and time. The day chosen for the cleaning and rededication was the day Brother Houteff pointed out his chart commemorative of the Messiah’s baptism, The Message in anti type, the sixteenth day of the seventh month.


Those that participated in this rededication baptism and anointing were, Lois Roden, Bill Warrow, Irmine Sampson, Roma Smith, Charles Pace, Joyce Pace, Paul Pace, and myself, Tom Caldwell. Lois’ mother was there, Grandma Scott, and Sister Roden’s firstborn son, George, though not participating, but they were witnesses. We all went under the water together having a simultaneous baptism. Lois and Charles were the only ones facing one another, and held each others hands as they went under the water. The rest of us formed a circle around them as we held hands and went under the water in unison with Lois and Charles. At the end of the forty day period of purification (forty days after the baptism), two white turtle-doves were purchased by Charles and released by Lois on the appointed morning, according to Scriptural type. That morning we all walked up to the church carrying the box with the doves. When we got to the church it was the end of the Third Hour. I gave the box to Lois, and she released the two beautiful doves. It was a beautiful symbolic ceremony.


As 1984 drew to a close, the first manuscript of The Holy Ghost Daughter was written and sent out to the people in early 1985. All through the many events of 1984, Lois virtually gave her blessing to Charles, especially in the many studies he gave in the Church, and in her own living room. She began to fully understand so much because of the many studies given by Charles, and finally confirmed the truth of The Daughter in the year just prior to her death. We must remember, that there have been times in Advent history where prophetic jurisdictions overlapped. Such as in the case of William Miller and Ellen White. Also, in the time of The 1888 Message, Jones and Waggoner did not ask for Sister White’s permission to begin teaching and publishing. Charles was always considerate, respectful, and submissive to Sister Roden during her tenure. He counseled with her on many points first to get her feedback as she did with him. She sought his counsel, desiring his fellowship, one last time in 1986 when she went up to Canada to meet with Charles and Alexa, his wife, The day after their marriage, shortly before Lois’ passing.



One day, near the end of November of ’92, I was talking to Charles on the phone. He shared with me something The Lord had put on his heart. He said he had a strong desire to reopen anew some communication and dialogue with those at Mr. Carmel to see how they were all doing and where they stood on issues, and most of all, if they might reconsider what they had heard at Passover of ’84. Charles asked me to be the intermediary and contact Clive Doyle in particular, by letter. Providentially, the very next day after I had talked with Charles, I received a letter from Clive Doyle. He had not contacted me for about ten years. He wanted to know how I was, how he missed many of his old friends in The Branch, and he asked in particular the address of Charles Pace.

Both Charles and I responded to the letter(s) in several exchanges, entreating our old friend and brother to reconsider, and see if we might meet with him and David Koresh at the approaching Passover season. We had something for them, a place of common ground. We had something to bargain with, prophetically, not just The Revelation of Passover 1984, though we had no intention of compromising our position with Koresh. The final few weeks of God’s amazing grace was about to end, unbeknownst to us. All of our lives were about to change. It has been reported to us that Vernon, on occasion in his studies, held up a Star of David to his people, proceeding to mock “Charlies Star” study which exposed Vernon before both camps that day back in ’84. Yes, he even made sport of his bald head! To “make sport of Zion” as V.T. Houteff once wrote.

I do not in the least disregard, or disrespect, the murder of the nearly one hundred souls with Vernon, with the men, women [and 17 little children] standing with him, our old friends and acquaintances, by a wicked, murderous United Nations Government agency, the U.S. Dept. of Treasury (BATF), the U.S. Dept. of Justice (FBI), and Executive branch of the Federal Government. They are now to be judged as well. The Federal Government denied Vernon, and those with him, the most basic fundamental RIGHTS of our Constitution. The Right to Life, and the Right to a Trial. There was nothing said about this in the terrible aftermath of the murderous tragedy, particularly as physical evidence at the Mt. Carmel church site was systematically destroyed, during and after the fire.

Independent inquiry and analysis was also thwarted, preempted, and diverted. Though Vernon was given free choice in the playing out of his otherwise ordained work in anti type of Lucifer, I must ask the question, “Where is Vernon today?” It is evident, that according to type, that the “two She Bears” that dealt with Elisha’s mockers also came to the aid of the one who was given Elijah’s mantle and the Double Portion. The She Bears are representations of both The Mother and The Daughter Messages that destroyed the one’s who mocked the servant of Elijah, The Spirit of Prophecy.

The Branch, Davidian and Seventh-Day Adventist messages were about to be brought before the whole world. Nevertheless, the New World Order as prophetically closing in on a group of Sabbath-keeping Advent believers. However, as history has shown us, Jerusalem of old met with final judgment in 70 AD, under the cruel and heartless ruling power of that time, but the Roman empire did not escape God’s hand of judgement. Likewise, The heavenly Branch of Righteousness will bring judgment upon the cruel and barbaric actions ordered and sanctioned by the present government, and uncover all their secret sins for the public to know, to take a stand against such senseless criminal slaughter by a government that has given up its trust in God.

America and the New World Order have filled their cup of iniquity to near overflowing and the hour of their judgment is now pending as well, since The Lord has descended from on high, no longer in The Sanctuary in Heaven, to set up His Kingdom in the Earth, as a “Thief in the night”, to remove all religious and political crown of authority, and the covering of The Blood ministration from off all the fallen churches at Passover 1990. “Babylon has fallen”, the second and final time, as announced in The Daily Part 4 – Passover 1990. Read page 179 of the book Education by Sister E.G. White. This is the work of the Revelation 18:1-4 message. To proclaim the final fall of Babylon, at the “right time”, with the spiritual sequence of events of exactly how it happened in relation to the Advent time prophecies.


Nine years later, the same opportunity to repent was offered to Vernon one last time, six weeks before the February 28 siege on Mt. Carmel by the BATF. Charles Pace sent a detailed study to Clive Doyle outlining the course Vernon and his group took over the nine years since Passover 1984. Charles wanted to go to Mt. Carmel and keep the Passover of 1993 with them and to restudy with Vernon the great truths revealed in ’84. He wanted to plead with him and tell him that it did not matter what sins have been committed, The Lord would forgive them all if true repentance and remorse was felt for their ultimate Laodicean condition. But, he was unable to get a definite reply, especially from Vernon.

God was not willing that any should perish in the Waco fire. We serve a just and merciful God. I believe when all the aspects are considered, it is possible that many honest but misguided souls that perished with Vernon April 19, 1993, became martyrs [see TM437:1], but we cannot know that for certain. The truth of the matter is that The Branch people were prophetically destined, through Divine foreknowledge, to crucify Christ The Word afresh before the whole earth. The Branch Message and name was made a curse in all the earth by its professed believers at New Mt. Carmel Center. Brother Ben L Roden prophesied the following in 1958:

“Since the SDA are the first to be purified (Branch Davidian SDA of today), the message through type (Judah) and anti type (BD SDA) deals with them first. The sad part is that type reveals that Judah [in church – BD SDA] will again crucify The Branch. Since The Branch is not a person but Christ, inspiration reveals they (Judah – BD SDA) crucify Christ by rejecting His Message – The Branch [The Branch – She * The Holy Ghost]. This is also what the Davidians [DBD SDA] say: just as Christ was crucified, so the two witnesses [The Branch and Rod Movements] will be killed. And Christ was resurrected, so the two witnesses will be raised….The prophecy of Revelation 11 shows that Christ in our day, in the form of His truth, His Word, is to be crucified afresh at the hands of His professed people and that the truth will be raised in glorious exaltation and victory and to the same of its enemies.” – Branch Lesson #3, page 8, Ben L Roden, July 10, 1958 (parenthesis & emphasis supplied)

Vernon claimed he was the Word of God, the Lamb of God, the Messiah and the latter-day king David – all titles rightfully belonging to The Only Begotten of the Father, The Branch of Righteousness. It is just a coincidence that Vernon made the same claims in the earth that Lucifer made in Heaven to usurp the inherited position of The Son. Was the siege upon David Koresh’s kingdom a judgment of The Lord of the Harvest as punishment for refusing the present truth message previously given, nine years to the day?

The fire at Mt. Carmel destroyed the “Lucifer movement” in The Branch Movement and prefigured the judgment and fate of Lucifer and his rebellious host who would also be destroyed “root and branch” in the lake of fire. Did Vernon not claim that his message was the “serpent’s root” and that he was the “sinful messiah”? Was not Vernon’s head bruised (shot and blown apart) as the prophecy (Gen. 3:15) says the fate of Satan would be? Did Vernon fill his cup of iniquity or has he still a chance to be saved?

We must leave all this up to the Angel of Mercy to decide his eternal life or death. Vernon and his followers did fulfill a prophecy that was to be enacted in The Branch Movement in order that the final sacrifice in the finishing up of The Atonement could be offered – the Goat for The Lord, as depicted by Christ The Word in The Branch Message. The “finishing up” of The Atonement is specifically detailed in another book [The Merkabah Part 5]. Vernon and his followers acted out the ultimate Laodicean condition before the whole church and the world, thereby, crucifying The Lord of Righteousness afresh, making His name and truth a curse in all the earth. But, there is hope, the Message and Truth will be “raised to glorious exaltation and victory at the shame of its enemies” by The Branch-She The Lord our Righteousness (Jer. 33:16), through the Message of The Holy Ghost Daughter – The Jonah Message to the Two Tribes – The Living Waters Branch of Righteousness.

Accounting for two leap year days in the nine-year period since 1984, it appears that the fiery end to the kingdom of David Koresh, took place to the very day – April 17, 1984 to April 19, 1993. The hour of His judgment came at the very hour, 12:15 pm, Charles declared the judgment of Ezekiel 9 on Vernon and his followers. Coincidentally that was the time the fire started and destroyed the complex in 1993! Perhaps, even to the very hour, when the Star Study concluded that Passover Day 1984.

What does this all mean? Did The Lord speak to us, in Holy convocation, in that church in the heart of Texas, that spring day of April 1984? As we approach the ten-year anniversary of the Sign of Jonah to the two tribes this coming Passover 1994, we should think on these questions. Where have we come from? Where are we presently? And where are we headed? How has the Judgment of The LIVING progressed since then? Friends, we have, long ere this, crossed over into The Judgment for the Living for the Church! The Judgment for The Dead is long since over! The First fruits in the SDA church are about to be gathered, The 144,000 [Rev. 7:4-8; 14:1-4].

“Solemn are the scenes connected with the closing work (the Scapegoat) of the Atonement. Momentous are the interest involved therein. The judgment is now passing in The Sanctuary above. For many years this work has been in progress. Soon – none know (in her day) how soon – it will pass to the cases of the living….”GC490:1 (inserted).

According to Scripture (Leviticus 23), the “Wave Sheaf” of the First fruits, are the FIRST of the First fruits. The first to be tested and judged in the Church! The Barley harvest is “waved” before The Lord at Passover. The First fruit “wave loaves” are “waved” before The Lord at Pentecost, fifty days later. Those who have received and practice the knowledge of Harvest Law and Gospel order, The Scriptural Harvest Feast Days, in the keeping of them, will understand all these events, in their sequence, and their significance. Leviticus 23 makes no distinction or division between the keeping of ALL the Covenant Sabbaths, Holy Convocations beginning with The Seventh-Day Sabbath. Ellen White stated in a Review and Herald article that “these were not shadowy types to pass away with the death of Christ.” On page 365 of Patriarchs and Prophets she states that it was “sacrificial offerings….that Christ took out of the way, nailing it to the Cross.”

Supportive Scriptural [Old and New Testament] references, supportive Spirit of Prophecy injunctions on this important subject are substantial and clear, if desired. These were given as a perpetual “statute forever throughout your generations in all your dwellings….”. Leviticus 23. Those who would “answer a matter before hearing it”, before honestly investigating it with an open-heart, before prayerfully seeking The Lord’s Will earnestly to get wisdom and understanding on this issue of Harvest Law and Gospel Order, are otherwise fulfilling Proverbs 18:13 which is to manifest a spirit of “folly and madness”. This is an important part of our Advent heritage from day one, October 22, 1844, “A” literal Jewish Feast Day. The literal Day of atonement of that year. Did The Lord pour out His Holy Ghost on the early church on the LITERAL Feast Day, The Feast of Pentecost, ….after the Cross? Has The Lord spoken to us, or will the spirit of Laodiceanism continue to run rampant?


“A Call For Reformation: Unless the church, which is now being leavened with her own backsliding, shall repent and be converted, she will eat of the fruit of her own doing, until she shall abhor herself. When she resists the evil and chooses the good, when she seeks God with all humility and reaches her high calling in Christ, standing on the platform of eternal truth and by faith laying hold upon the attainments prepared for her, she will be healed. She will appear in her God-given simplicity and purity, separate from earthly entanglements, showing that the truth has made her free indeed. Then her members will indeed be the chosen of God, His representatives.

The time has come for a thorough reformation to take place. When this reformation begins, the spirit of prayer will actuate every believer and will banish from the church the spirit of discord and strife. Those who have not been living in Christian fellowship will draw close to one another. One member (the Jonah – Joshua of today) working in right lines will lead other members to unite with him in making intercession for The Revelation of The Holy Spirit. There will be no confusion because all will be in harmony with the mind of The Spirit. The barriers separating believer from believer will be broken down, and God’s servants will speak the same things. The Lord will co-operate with His servants. All will pray understanding the prayer that Christ taught His servants: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10. – 8 Testimonies p251.

“We talk of The Holy Ghost; we preach of The Holy Ghost; but we need to understand better what the office of The Holy Ghost is.” Ellen White GCB April 3, 1901 p25.

The above quotes echo God’s reassurance in the Scripture given to Israel of old “And by a prophet The Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved,” Hosea 12:13. The Sign of Jonah to the two tribes was fulfilled in this manner. What else could we as Branches have expected The Lord to do? The messenger Jonah brought the Message of Jonah – The Dove, The Holy Ghost – at the appointed time to the two tribes, to set them free from the falsehoods perpetrated by Babylon about The Divine Family and the work of intercession by both the Branch-He and The Branch-She (Jer. 23:6; Jer. 33:16). The rejection of the message and its messenger by the professed Branch believers, crucified afresh Christ The Word in The Branch Message, exactly thirty-three and one half years from when The Branch Movement declared its beginning, after the Davidian Movement – the top of Carmel – withered at the Passover of 1959.

After the purification of The Branch Movement at Passover of 1993 (Eze. 9) – cutting back the cumbersome branches so the fig tree can bear fruit – The Living Waters Branch of Righteousness emerges to lead out in the revival and reformation under the direction of The Holy Ghost through Her under leader – the Joshua of today. (1 Timely Greeting 8:24)

At Passover 1994, Joshua (Jonah) will announce his ministry and begin to cleanse the Temple (church) as YAHshua did at the beginning of His three year ministry to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (the ten tribes). The Lord of the Harvest will completely separate The Stone church from the mountain (SDA), and purify the truths it is teaching, so that no Babylonian falsehood is mingled with Her doctrine. As Yehoshua (YHshua/Jesus) did this work of purification over a three-year period, and then, cleansed the Temple again at the Passover before He was crucified, so will His under-leader cleanse those who make up this body of believers (living Temple) by teaching them the present truth as revealed to him by The Spirit of Prophecy – The Stone that is laid before him having seven eyes, or perfect vision. Zechariah 3.

The only church that will survive the tribulation will be this remnant cut from the mountain (the SDA Church). The mountain will no longer have The Lord’s blessing or be authorized to do His work in the earth. His will is done in the Earth through The Stone Kingdom [of Daniel 2:44], the Purified Church, “fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners” going forth in all the earth conquering and to conquer. For She is The River of Life, or The Living Waters Branch of Righteousness, that begins to flow from the Judicial Throne in the heavens above, and continues to flow throughout all the whole earth bringing resurrection power and healing wherever She flows until it becomes a great sea and covers the whole earth with the Waters of Separation and purification [see Ezekial chapter 47]. What a Glorious Kingdom, and what a glorious time we live in! HalleluYah!”

Shalom Shalom Jerusalem.


“And now, behold, I go unto my people: come therefore, and I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days…..”

“I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Scepter shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth.”

“And Edom shall be a possession, Seir also shall be a possession for his enemies; and Israel shall do valiantly.”


As far as we know the origins of The Star of David are unknown. History indicates that King David used this symbol on the shields of his warriors. Whether one of the children of Israel, or a skillful gentile [such as Hiram, whom God used to help build His Temple] designed The Star of David, is a matter of pure speculation.

As Ecclesiastes bring out, “there is nothing new under the sun”. It would be hard to find any symbol that was not, at sometime in history, first sketched by a person who was not in the family of faith. However, historical evidence no more supports heathen design of the Star of David, than it denies Jewish Creation of it. Whatever the origins of the Star of David, it seems there is a definite pattern to defame it.

While it is true that the Star of David had been used in occult worship, it is equally true that many other things that God’s children hold dear have also been included in occult worship. Have The Scriptures, The Feast Days, The Names and titles of God, The Lord’s Supper, etc….all lost their meaning and value because Satan has tried to counterfeit and defame them? Do we throw out the good with the evil? Do we let our good be evil spoken of? The names of the days of the week [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…] and terms like “easter” [inserted in the Book of Acts in place of Passover] all have undisputed heathen origins. Yet nominal Christian believers have used such terms freely. Why, then, when it comes to a Jewish symbol, is the origin of the symbol so important? Is this not a double standard?”

In this same line of reasoning, masculine, as well as feminine, pagan idol images have been discovered by archeologist used by ancient peoples. So why not discredit, and reject, ALL gender references ascribed to Deity which is otherwise clearly given in Scripture? Zeus, and Jupiter were the supreme father deity images to the Greeks and Romans respectively. So why not also throw OUT any notion or concept of A “FATHER” God, let alone a Mother God Image, because someone found a masculine [or feminine] pagan image? Tammuz, purported to be son of Nimrod, was a pagan counterfeit image of The Son of God. I hope the point is clear, and well taken. We need to keep our lines of reasoning honest and credible. We need to be honest with ourselves, so that we can be honest with The Lord in whatever Truth He may send to us.

In the last nineteen centuries, there has been a definite pattern to defame that which God has ordained as good. Satan has certainly defamed in the eyes of the Jewish people, and others, terms such as “Jesus Christ”….”God”….”Christian”….”Convert”….”Cross”….through almost two millennia of the most cruel torture and murder by “counterfeit Christians” – those that call themselves Jews that are of the synagogue of Satan.

Even today, the term “born again” has been popularized and adulterated. So why shouldn’t Satan try to defame the Star of David which has become the symbol of LIFE for the State of Israel and the people of whom Y’shua [Jesus] said, “salvation is of the Jews”? As Zionism refers to the political re-establishment of a national homeland for the Jewish people – The State of Israel, even so the Star of David is the symbol of that national Homeland. An attack on Zionism and The Star of David is an attack on The State of Israel and the Jewish people. Such an attack is anti-Scriptural, anti-God, and anti-Semitic. God said, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee”, Gen. 12:3. God said He is jealous for Jerusalem and Zion with a great jealousy, Zech 1:14. And, this was written before the inception of the Church as we know it in the Book of Acts. Both Brother Houteff and Brother Roden used the Star of David to signify The Branch and Davidian movement.

Ultimately, what better, more perfect, simple, geometric symbol could there be to represent, unfold, delineate, portray, and finally dramatize the Revelation of The Family Deity, The First Truth, all encompassing, all inspiring, before the creation of the universe. Such as was gloriously set forth in geometric chronicle at Passover 1984. The perfect symbol of The Seventh Thunder. In Truth, encompassing all Seven Thunders.

The true origin of the SIX sided star [Six pointed] Star is The Creator.

“Another illustration of the fact, we are presenting, maybe taken from a snowfall. In the course of the years, an observer of New England, in photographing 10,000 snowflakes, he found all different, and yet all were alike. But how? In the one basic master design, or law of their crystallization, all without exception, represents the geometry of the HEXAGON, that is, a six sided or six pointed figure. The creative law of all snowflakes recognized the number SIX and that only.” – The Great Pyramid – Proof of God, page 143.

“Just what the Hexagon is to The Great Designer in His formation of all snow crystals, exactly that is the Pyramid Chronograph to Him in His stupendous activities of creation and redemption.” Ibid.

In Ben L Roden’s summation of the number SIX, he gives us the following: “And there were set there SIX water pots of STONE, after the manner of the PURIFYING of the Jews, containing two or THREE firkins apiece.” John 2:6


  1. SIX is the number of purification of the Jews.
  2. SIX is the number signifying harvest.
  3. Israel, a SIX letter word, is the name of God’s people who returned from Egypt.
  4. BRANCH, the Name of Messiah, is a SIX letter word and is to be the New Name of the remnant, purified Israel who return from Assyria and all countries to the land of their fathers (Isa. 11:11-16).
  5. Every stone (1 Peter 2:5) container or Branch must be filled with this Branch Water (message) so that when it is poured out and served to the wedding guests, it will be the best wine (Truth) of them all: for the Bridegroom has saved the best wine until the last.
  6. The hyssop used in sprinkling the blood was the symbol of purification. A.A. 280:
  7. Hyssop and Branch are symbols of purification.
  8. The SIX water pots are symbols of purification.
  9.    “SIX is the number of purification.” The Wedding Supper p.8 BLR



The final days, before the complete fulfillment of 1 Peter 4:17, when Judgment shall begin at the house of God, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the issue of ‘who is who’ represents Elohiym, The God of Israel, unto modern Israel, becomes a most important theme to study and investigate. What is the criteria to judge and discern the Biblical prophetic requirements to recognize the moving of The Lord? But most important to our salvation, is that we discern where the anointing of the present day, active Spirit of Prophecy is. For it is the ministry of “The Angel who joins the Third Angel” which directs final work in the church, as stated in Testimonies to Ministers, p 300 and other well-known Spirit of Prophecy statements.

“Let me tell you that the Lord will work in this last work in a manner very much out of the common order of things, and in a way that will be contrary to any human planning. There will be those among us who will always want to control the work of God, to dictate even what movements shall be made when the work goes forward under the direction of the angel who joins the third angel in the message to be given to the world. God will use ways and means by which it will be seen that He is taking the reins in His own hands. The workers will be surprised by the simple means that He will use to bring about and perfect His work of righteousness. Those who are accounted good workers will need to draw nigh to God, they will need the divine touch. They will need to drink more deeply and continuously at the fountain of living water, in order that they may discern God’s work at every point.”

And, as we can see from the preceding quote, The Ministry with The Anointing will have a peculiar revelation pertaining to The “Living Water”. The “closing up” of The Great Day of Atonement which began in 1844.

There are numerous, well-meaning, independent ministries in the SDA Movement, all doing a work of needed education and reform for the salvation of souls, to varying degrees, in the Laodicean church. There is a need to establish a framework of question to test the claims of ‘some’ independent ministries who infer, if not outright claim, to be “The Angel who joins The Third Angel, in a message to be given to the world….”, without giving a thought to the fundamental understanding of prophetic lineage or a logical step by step, historic foundation, to base their claims in light of all SIX Messages (Angels) of Revelation 14. The clearest of many statements in the Spirit of Prophecy, is this one which Sister White emphatically states:

“Furthermore, in the eighteenth chapter of the Revelation, in a message which is yet future, the people of God are called upon to come out of Babylon.” Great Controversy, page 383 1888 edition.

The words “in a message which is yet future” do not appear in any new edition, which, as many know, was not the only change made in the book, The Great Controversy. For what should be obvious reason and strategy of the publishers to maintain status qouo and centralized authority.

In reference to the Malachi 4:5 prophecy to be fulfilled in the church, the well-known statement of Testimonies to Ministers, p 475, which some independent ministries use and outright claim prophetic title thereto, Ellen White states, “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of The Lord”. “Somebody is to come in the spirit and power of Elijah, and when he appears men may say, “You are too earnest. You do not interpret the Scriptures in the proper way. Let me tell you how to teach your message.”

This quote as well as others, should raise many eyebrows and many questions in the church, about most critical prophetic issues now pending, as great and stupendous events are now facing the church and the world. Therefore, to begin a pointed and thorough investigation of any SDA ministry’s claim to Divine title and anointing for this time, a checklist of prophetic criterion needs to be addressed, in no uncertain terms, as a foundation to begin this process of investigation and process of elimination.

I am reasonably certain no such systematic discussion of the Biblical model to prophetic title has been proposed and set forth for the “closing work” in and for the church. A Divine yardstick, rod or ruler, needs to be laid down to gauge and test the claims of those who “would be” in the light, as opposed to those “who are truly in the light, the divine signature evidencing.”




I would now like to present for your thinking, these set of key question which I submit to any claimant of inspiration, and claimant to prophetic title, within the church, and, in general, to Seventh-Day Adventist ‘concerned’ member in good standing, Historic/Reformer/Conservative Seventh-Day Adventist, Liberal Sacred-Name Seventh-Day Adventist, Davidian Seventh-Day Adventist, or disfellowshipped Seventh-Day Adventist, or any I have missed or are unaware of. These guidelines here set forth as offered from the vantage point of a Branch Davidian Seventh-Day Adventist, to encourage you unto the next phase, and leg of our journey on the pathway to The Kingdom of The Savior, The New Jerusalem. “Heaven begins on earth”, EGW,

Hereby, to “sanctify The Lord God Elohiym in your hearts: and be ready; always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you….” (1 Pet. 3:15) and “to earnestly contend for the faith….”(Jude 3), “once delivered to the saints” from 1844 onward, I submit these important questions. Then, will the true movement, The Fourth Angel, Who is the Seventh Angel, please stand up….for the people, for the Church.

1 Question: Can you show your Family Tree of prophetic lineage, from 1844 to the present, per the Biblical model [Isaiah 11:1], to show spiritual genealogy and Divine pedigree? In all honestly, this question needs to be answered with a historical basis. Not an answer prompted first by the question.

2 Question: Can you identify ALL THREE SEALS of Revelation 3:12 which the 144,000 saints [First fruits] in the church WILL POSSESS, and be Sealed with before The Kingdom, and before receiving the power to finish the Gospel work? This is confirmed in Early Writings pages 15, 271-272, 277-278.

3 Question: Can you identify the “REPEAT” of The Three Angels Messages, per Revelation 14:8 & 18:2; Early Writings 277, 258; Testimonies to Ministers p 300, 59:1; Great Controversy p 603, 390…..? The word “Repeat” in this question means – 1st – 2nd – 3rd + 1st – 2nd – 3rd Angels Messages [1-2-3+1-2-3] of Revelation 14, totaling SIX Angels altogether to account for in The Advent Movement since 1844. The “REPEAT” of The Three Angels Messages, with the added (new) light, would of necessity of Advent Movement type be connected with specific historic/prophetic DATES, or time, as it was in 1844. We have only about 5 years left before the year 2000, the end of the six thousand year period allotted to sin, before the approximate return of The Lord, to account for these missing messages in our church and Advent Movement. Time is short. There is a reasonable and good answer to this dilemma for the honest seeker. This question along with Question 4 and 5 overlap each other.

4 Question: Can you identify ALL FIVE ANGELS MESSAGES [technically six] brought to view in Revelation 14? What they are and when they came. Four Movements, Five Angels, Six consecutive Messages, with the Seventh being Revelation 18:1. James and Ellen White stated in Word to the Little Flock page 11 that “All classes of second advent believers agree, that the angel brought to view in the 6th and 7th verses of this chapter, represents the Advent Message, to the church and world. If this is true, then all FIVE of the angels brought to view in this chapter, represent FIVE DISTINCT MESSAGES, prior to the Advent, or we are left without a rule to interpret this chapter….The last TWO MESSAGES are messages of prayer. We shall, no doubt, better understand the at the time of their fulfillment.” Word to the Little flock, p10, 11. Of course, the last two messages deal exclusively with The Judgment for the Living, not the Judgment for the Dead. We only pray for the Living. See Great Controversy p 490:1.

5 Question: Can you identify The Seventh angel, Revelation 18:1,2, in the Church today, showing how you arrived there, identifying all the previous Six Angels [Rev. 14]? Also, how their Messages/Movements within the church since 1844 constitutes a complete Sevenfold Message, fulfilling the REPEAT [1-2-3+1-2-3] of the Three Angels Messages, thereby SEALING the 144,000 First Fruits in the church with a TRIPLE SEAL per Rev. 3:12 and EW15. Note: If you are a Laodiciean Seventh-Day Adventist, and do not believe any new light or new prophetic messages have come to the church since 1888 or the death of Sister White at the end of her prophetic jurisdiction in 1915, then you only have THREE ANGELS MESSAGES. You need EXTRA OIL to get the wedding garment and meet The Lord at The Marriage [Matt. 25:1-10/GC427:0]. The author recognizes those “living saints” OF and those WITH the 144,000 in the church, who will never die. Also the inclusion of Wave sheaf [Lev. 23 Passover], the first of the First fruits, are considered here and well understood within the context of the SDA Church harvest – modern Israel.

6 Question: Can you identify the TIME CONNECTION in prophetic time, with a great disappointment, in any SDA reform, separatist, or Davidian Movement per Advent Type 1844, and in its continuation in the present day 1994? The TIME component in an Advent prophetic Message is a crucial aspect to the criteria of Divine Signature since it was the key component to the beginning/completion of The Three Angles Messages, the Advent Type, in 1844. Note: The author agrees with Ellen White’s statement that “time will never again be a TEST to the people of God.” However, it is still an identifying MARK of the true movement, be it the 2300 day prophecy, a TEST before the fact, or the 430 year prophecy [of the Ezekiel and Abrahamic typology] which is after the fact, or fulfillment, therefore NOT a test, but an identifying mark of confirmation.

7 Question: MOST IMPORTANTLY, Spiritually, can you identify [recognize or accept] who your Father and Mother are? IN HEAVEN as it is in Earth. For, The Scriptures tell us [Deut. 23:2 & Heb. 12:8,9], that a “bastard” child (one who does not know who his/her Father and/or Mother are) has no place in the congregation of The Lord unto the tenth (universal) generation. In relation to Heaven, The Lord’s children can never be orphans, for It is Written, “I will never leave nor forsake you”.

Orphan does not equal bastard. Furthermore, we are shown there is A Family in Heaven as on Earth [Eph. 3:15 & Rom. 1:20]. “Wisdom” is our Mother in Heaven. Not a concept, or personified trait, but a Person. “Love” is also a Person. “God is Love”. “My son, hear the instruction of thy Father, and forsake not the law of thy Mother,” Proverbs 1,8,9. “Who so answereth a matter before hearing it, it is a folly and a shame unto him,” Proverbs 18:13.

8 Question: FINALLY, any claimant to the office of inspiration, and prophetic title movement, and the perpetuity of spiritual gifts resident the Sevent-Day Adventist Movement, would need to fulfill the only New Testament “Sign”, in anti type, given to Israel ordained from on high, as a finality of confirmation and Divine Signature….The Sign of Jonah. Can any SDA reform, separatist, or Davidian Independent ministry in the church show the providential events and Divnely ordained circumstances in anti type fulfillment as a latter-day SIGN to the people of God (Elohiym) as to WHO/WHERE is “Christ in the messenger whom He sends” (COL p79) today in the church? Clue: “Zechariah’s vision of Joshua and the Angel [Zechariah 3, The Branch prophecy] applies with peculiar force to the experience of God’s people in the closing up of the Great Day of Atonement.” 5T472:2. And, “The work of Christ as man’s intercessor is presented in that beautiful prophecy of Zechariah concerning Him “whose name is The Branch….” GC415.

Messiah Yahshua (Christ Jesus) is The Branch, in a Message and Movement He sends, that bears His Name, and His reproach….

“God designs that there shall ever be a LIVING testimony in the Church”….”God designs that his people shall be a unit, that they shall see eye to eye and be of the same mind and of the same judgment. This cannot be accomplished without a clear, pointed LIVING testimony in the church….” 3 Test, p 360, 361.

“The people of God must see their wrongs and arouse to zealous repentance and a putting away of those sins which have brought them into such a deplorable condition of poverty, blindness, wretchedness, and fearful deception. I was shown that the pointed testimony must LIVE in the church.” 3T p 260.


The conclusion of the matter is, that any Advent believer who would disregard, or dismiss as irrelevant, this standard of inquiry to determine just ‘who is who’ in the church today, is, in reality, telling the people that The Lord will leave His people ‘in the dark’ regarding these pinnacle issues and questions facing our beloved church. These are questions and a standard of measurement no others have thought to pose, or address. Those who cannot answer these eight questions, or who will not because they cannot, are invited to write to the address on the title page of this book for the full written study of The Three Great Divisions of The Seventh-Day Advent Movement, based on TIME and TYPE, the ultimate Scriptural standard of measurement. “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” Can any good thing come out of Waco?

It has been prophesied [in 1958] that Christ is The Word. And that Christ in a message would be crucified afresh by His own professed believers but would be raised to glorious exaltation and victory at the shame of His enemies. In the SDA Movement, The Branch Movement is the only step, or Movement, within the genuine movement that has taken on the name of the Messiah, which is BRANCH (Isa. 11, Jer.23,…). It is also the only message and movement that has been crucified by the combined efforts of all the professed followers of Christ The Branch, who have rejected all the messengers He has sent, saying we have need of more truth or prophets, and, thereby, demonstrating their ultimate Laodicean condition and thus crucifying The Lord afresh when they rejected Him in His messages sent to them. All Branch, Davidian and Seventh-Day Adventists who would not progress with more present truth are guilty of crucifying their Lord afresh and bringing Him to open shame before the world, as was the case at Passover 1993 – when The Branch, Davidian and Seventh-Day Adventist Movements denied their Lord before the world, and brought Him to open shame and made His Name and truth a curse in the whole earth.

Yes, the Branch Davidian Seventh-Day Adventist Headquarters and Movement are, in all respects, seemingly dead, as our Savior was when He was crucified before the world. But, my friends, He was raised by the Shekinah Glory Who overcame the curse of our sin and the sting of eternal death. She raised Him to glorious exaltation and victory at the shame of His enemies. Watch what this Message and Movement will do which depicts The Living Waters Branch of Righteousness, The Fourth Angel [or Messenger] that “JOINS” The Third Angel [or Messenger] “at the right time to give power and force” to His Message which swells into a Loud Cry and lightens the whole earth with His, THE BRANCH’S GLORY. This Holy Ghost Daughter Message of the BRANCH SHE, THE SHEKINAH GLORY, will raise the Message and Movement of THE BRANCH HE from the dead, in glorious exaltation and victory, at the shame of His enemies (Satan and his One World Order). Is there any other Movement on the face of this earth that can claim His Name and His Glory in a Message?

What happened to the 1888 message; the message of The Righteousness of Christ to the Church, which was rejected and “turned back”? In these latter days, who is declaring The Righteousness of Christ, in a Message that further reveals and uplifts The Savior and High Priest before a dying world? Who is declaring the message that does not just ‘reserve’ and rehash only what little was given in 1888, but gives the complete understanding of Christ as our High Priest, and then as Judge! Who is declaring, a message that uplifts and reveals Christ our Intercessor, in The Person of the Holy Ghost and office of the spirit of Prophecy? Who is declaring this Message that is a “Testing Truth” for the church in this day, even as the Revelation and Advent of “The Son” was a “Testing Truth” in the days of ancient Israel.

When The Son of The Most High gave Himself on The Cross, dying the second death, He did not know if The Father would accept even His sacrifice because of the enormity of sin, the violation of The Holy Law was so great. The Holy Ghost, symbolized by The Dove, was “dipped in The Blood” of the Dove [Yahshua, hanging on The Cross] Who was then set free, and flew swiftly to The Most Holy of The Heavenly Sanctuary the very hour of Christ’s Death, to present before The Father, The Blood of “The Only Begotten Son”, upon Her own hands, to make such an awesome Atonement for Adam, for humanity, and with such unspeakable Divine emotion The Father could not refuse to accept. In the Heavenly Sanctuary that awesome day, that awesome moment, how He, The Father, must have felt, when She, The Holy Ghost, raised Her Priestly Hands covered with The Blood of The Only Begotten Son. How The Father must have said, “The Blood of my Only Son I cannot refuse”! “I accept His Blood for the violation of My Law, for the remission of sin”. Leviticus 14.

Is there anyone else that has brought forth a message that so completely uplifts before the Church and the world the sin-bearing and risen Savior, revealing His Righteousness and Glory as manifested at The Cross in The Blood and The Water that flowed from His side, and thus, establishing and underscoring as never before His Person and His DIVINITY – together with Her Person and Her DIVINITY, before and after The Cross, as a final testimony to the Laodicean Church before the end of this final judgment hour concludes in its executive phase? If anyone can show these things, please come forward at this time and present such an awesome and climactic truth for our investigation. It cannot wait any longer. The Judgment for the Living in the SDA Church is nearing completion. Ezekiel Nine hasteth onward:

“For the time has come that Judgment must begin at the house of God….” 1 Peter 4:17.


It is written, “All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against The Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men, and who so speaketh against The Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven neither in this world, neither the world to come,” Matthew 12:31,32. For it is SHE that FINISHES UP The Atonement, as the “Other Intercessor” (Rom. 8:26), symbolized as The Scapegoat “set free in the wilderness.” Sister White did not have the light on the “Closing up” of the Atonement” or the Scapegoat, therefore, pray, test, and take heed to investigate further.


“The Spirit and The Bride say come….”