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Welcome to my website. Hi I am Pastor Charles Pace and I would like to share with you my His-story in the Branch Davidian Movement. I have been very involved since I first came to Mount Carmel, Waco, Texas on December 6, 1973, and I am still very involved as manager, historian, and the main trustee of the 1997 reorganized Branch Church, The Branch The Lord Our Righteousness. Today is January 31, 2020 my 70th Birthday and finally the time of publishing my story. As a baptized member and ordained minister of the Branch Davidian Church and Movement I would like to set the record straight with my personal testimony and eyewitness account about what truly happened in Waco Texas April 19, 1993. How did such a tragedy happen and what led up to its development and tragic climax? As Paul Harvey would say when revealing obscure and unknown facts about a well known story he had investigated and wrote about, Paul Harvey would tell, “The Rest of the Story”. This is a Pastor’s Story, that I am going to share and it is is not a popular one, especially with the David Koresh followers and sympathizers, but it would be unpardonable if I did not tell all that I know about this strange and awful turn of events in the Seventh-Day Adventist Movement and Waco history. I would have the deaths of these men, women and children on my conscience because I did not tell His Story (The Lord’s Story) and His Truth to the world, making all their suffering and their martyrdom to have been for nought. But the Lord had a greater purpose for these martyrs which I am obligated to share with whoever will listen and hopefully understand the Lord’s purpose in what He had orchestrated to prophetically take place for the greater good of  humanity. The Branch Davidian Prophecies were declared and fulfilled because the whole world needs to be warned and prepared for the antichrist who is about to step out on the world stage and deceive almost two thirds of the world’s inhabitants except for the very elect, God’s people who are listening and watching as the Spirit guides and directs their faith in Christ The Branch, The Son of God, The True Messiah.

Wake Up! Or Waco! It will happen again but this time the whole world will not be watching but will be ultimately and personally involved and participating, trying to escape the global armies that will back the antichrist and make war  against the followers of YHWH, Christians and  Jews and anyone else that opposes the Globalist agenda and their false messiah and Allah their god!

Read on if you want to understand why the Branch Davidian Prophecies were given by God’s prophets in such detail to verify that the Waco Tragedy was their prophecies fulfilled to wake up a sleeping world and prepare them  for the second coming of the antichrist as prophesied in Scripture that signals the Second Coming of Christ the Branch, the true Messiah.

God gave us an example, a rehearsal if you will with the Branch Davidian Prophecies fulfilled at Waco so that the whole world would be suddenly awakened and quickly prepared for the time of trouble “such as never was” that is to come upon the earth and ushers in the antichrist who will demand that the whole world worship Allah as God and accept him as his prophet .Yes Koresh gave us all a foretaste of what that would look like having a man claim to be the prophet of God and his followers willing to die with their sinful messiah to show what kind of mindset the followers of the Muslim mahdi will have when he takes his place on the world stage in Jerusalem, Israel and sits in the seat of God in the Temple of God built to worship YHWH, the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Allah is the Muslim false god, the ancient blood moon god of the Assyrians that the Globalists have chosen to worship and will be  forcing upon the world’s population with the threat of death by decapitation by guillotine. If Allah is not accepted, worshipped and their mahdi accepted as his prophet many will die for their faith and loyalty to the true God YHWH with Yeshua haMessiach as His Son (The Branch) and Prophet!

Scripture tells us 1/3 of the earth’s population will suffer and die from pestilence, pandemics and  slaughter by the global armies as a result of their rejection of the antichrist and Allah their god. Christ Himself and His armies must come against this apostate to bring him and his followers down.  Scripture states, “There would be no flesh left” or no one left alive on the earth because if Satan can’t have you then no one will have you. But thank God, Christ has power over death and the grave and everyone that loses his life for YHWH will  save his life because unlike the antichrist the True Messiah can and will raise you from the dead and put His quickening Spirit within you as He demonstrated when the Father sent His quickening Spirit to raise His Own Son from eternal death!! 

This is why The Branch Davidian Prophecies and their Waco fulfillment were orchestrated by the Lord. The Branch (Son) of Righteousness will be raised to Glorious exaltation and Victory to the shame of His enemies and He will rise up before the whole world from this very place, Waco, where He was crucified afresh by His own professed followers, Koresh and the elders of the Branch Church. He will be raised as the Brazen Serpent was raised up by Moses and He will rise again with Healing in His Wings. Christ the Branch, The Prophet and Son of YHWH will come against this Satan possessed mahdi, the prophet of Allah (Satan), and take him down once and for all to prove to the universe that YHWH IS GOD and that Yeshua Is His Son The BRANCH His Prophet because The Testimony of Yeshua Is The Spirit of Prophecy The Holy Ghost, His quickening Spirit. Unlike what The globalist demonic-rats and the Muslims believe and oppose!

Praise the Lord !

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